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# Tcl package index file, version 1.1
# This file is generated by the "pkg_mkIndex" command
# and sourced either when an application starts up or
# by a "package unknown" script. It invokes the
# "package ifneeded" command to set up package-related
# information so that packages will be loaded automatically
# in response to "package require" commands. When this
# script is sourced, the variable $dir must contain the
# full path name of this file's directory.
package ifneeded testcl 0.8.1 [list source [file join $dir assert.tcl]]\n[list source [file join $dir it.tcl]]\n[list source [file join $dir on.tcl]]\n[list source [file join $dir onirule.tcl]]
# Disable certain Tcl commands from iRules
source disabled_commands.tcl
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