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Meteo station

This is a cheap meteo station, on your local wifi network


This meteo station embed :

  • Temperature sensor DS18B20
  • Humidity sensor DHT22
  • Pressure sensor BMP085
  • Wifi chip ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini)


Meteo Station


Top copper

Top copper

Bottom copper

bottom copper

How to use

Connect to local wifi

The meteo station support WPS connection. After power on, the LED will:

  • Send a first flash: device is powered
  • Blink 10 seconds: Try to connect with previous parameters (previous successful WPS)
  • If failed, double blink 10 seconds: You must press WPS button on your router
    • Continuous light: Try to connect with WPS
  • If success flash blink 10 seconds: Connection success
  • switch off: The meteo station is ready

Get meteo data

Send an HTTP GET request: http://meteo_by_noopy/

You will get a json object

    "bmp-temperature": "20.30"
    "dht-temperature": "20.40"
    "ds-temperature": "20.36"
    "bmp-pressure": "10240"
    "dht-humidity": "19.60"
    "dht-heat-index": "22.10"
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