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Alexander Parkhomov Tables

The original file given by Alexander Parkhomov is located in db/

The content has been converted in csv files located in db/csv. The csv files has been imported in a sqlite3 database located in db/sqlite/aparkhomov.db3

You can analyse the data with sql and the interface directly with the application found on for each system.

#1 to run the application with go (for developper)

The application will run a webserver locally on the port 8080 by default. It is developped in Golang and use the beego framework with a sqlite3 driver.

setup go

go to and download the installer

setup beego and bee (at the console)

go get

start local webserver (at the console)

cd webapp bee run

open the browser and enter http://localhost:8080/


The DockerFile allow to run the application in a docker container. it allows you to run it locally with docker installed or on any server with docker installed. go get -u

xgo -targets=linux/amd64 -out webapp-app .