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= Issues
== "code point" vs. "codepoint"
The Unicode standard consistently uses "code point". On the other
hand, Ruby's String class has an "each_codepoint" method.
Beginning with version 1.3.0, UnicodeUtils will use "code point"
and the related Ruby symbol names "code_point", "CODE_POINT" and
"CodePoint" throughout.
The only exception is the "UnicodeUtils::Codepoint" class, which
predates UnicodeUtils 1.3.0.
== char_name
Unfortunately deviates from the Unicode Name property.
Possible course of action:
* Add consistent way to access all Unicode properties
E.g. UnicodeUtils::General_Category[code_point],
UnicodeUtils::Name[code_point], ...
* Deprecate char_name
== Encoding of string property values
The encoding of spring property values is currenctly undocumented.
Possible course of action:
* Use the same encoding for all string property values, preferably UTF-8
* Document it
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