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  • ability to change the name of the attribute that stores the ruby class in the documents by setting JSON.create_id (lennart)
  • fixed double loading issue with bundler (jweiss)
  • fixed an issue with setting attachments (endor)


  • support adding errors in before_validation callbacks (mattmatt)
  • support for inheritance (mattmatt)
  • support for save without validations (mattmatt)
  • improved (de)serialization now supports deserializing nested objects (railsbros, specs by hagenburger)
  • RSpec matchers for testing map/reduce functions (langalex)


  • fixed bug with hardcoded timezone


  • allow to overwrite attribute accessor of properties and use super to call the original accessors
  • allow read access to attributes that are present in the Couchdb document but not defined as properties
  • support default values for properties via the :default parameter
  • support attachments via the _attachments property
  • support for namespaces models
  • removed belongs_to macro for now
  • removed CouchPotato::Config.database_server, just set CouchPotato::Config.database_name to the full url if you are not using localhost:5984
  • Ruby 1.9 was broken and is now working again
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