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documentation: tzinfo needed as explicit dependencies for rails 3.2.8
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2 parents 2e6c3b3 + 9809cf6 commit df02e1acb9dbaa6f3a79e943fbe38eabdfa28b4d @langalex committed Oct 31, 2012
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@@ -98,6 +98,7 @@ Add to your _Gemfile_:
gem 'actionmailer'
gem 'activemodel'
gem "couch_potato"
+ gem 'tzinfo'
Note: please make sure that when you run `` in the Rails console it returns something like `2010/12/10` and not `2010-12-10` - if it does another gem has overwritten Couch Potato's Date patches - in this case move Couch Potato further down in your Gemfile or whereever you load it.

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