example implementation of a wiki in all ruby couchdb frameworks for my couchdb talk
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couchdb example wikis

in order to prepare my upcoming talk at scotland on rails 2009 i am implementing a simple wiki in all the available ruby frameworks for couchdb. i have created a bunch of cucumber scenarios that define the requird functionaility:

  • create a page
  • create another page by clicking on a camal case link
  • update a page and still have access to the old version
  • view a list of all pages
  • view statistics about the overall word count in all pages

maybe later: (if i have the tim)

  • tags for each page, a tag cloud – to demnstrate more map/reduce
  • comments on each page to demonstrate associations

you can find my comments on each framework in the README of each application root directory.

running the apps

all of the apps (except couchapp) are rails 2.3.1 apps so you need rails. for the activerecord reference implementation you need mysql. for all the couchdb apps you need the latest couchdb from svn trunk. to run the cucumber features you need culerity (which in turn requires jruby).