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== dead simple reports ==
this rails plugin allows you to easily create and view arbitrary reports of your database tables. it therefore creates a reports controller with views and a report model in your application. to create a report you simply create an instance of Report. it then appears in the list of reports where you can view it either as html, csv or xls table.
=== to create a report ===
Report.create! :name => 'My Ruby Report', :kind => 'code', :code => 'User.find(:all).map(:&name)'
This will generate a report that lists all user's names.
Alternatively you can create a sql report:
Report.create! :name => 'My SQL Report', :kind => 'sql', :code => 'SELECT name FROM users'
to view the list of reports just go to http://localhost:3000/reports
=== customizing the views ===
to customzie the views you can simply edit the files under app/views/reports in your application.
== customizing the controller ==
to customize the controller you can add code to the app/controllers/reports_controller file generated in your application.
=== contact ===
for hints, questions etc. please email alex[at]
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