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My Intent

This Android project written in Kotlin contains two parts: a library and an app.

My Intent Library

An Android library: Collection of reusable views, fragments, activities, drawables, loggers, and other utilities.

It is divided into nine modules:

  • myactivities (mostly: MyActivity - predefined base main activity / app ui manager)
  • myfragments (some reusable fragments; base fragment: MyFragment with predefined communication with MyActivity)
  • myviews (some custom reusable views like MyNavigationView or MyPie)
  • mydrawables (some animated drawables)
  • myrx (some kotlin extensions for rxjava)
  • myloggers (pretty logging ui on android)
  • myutils (a lot of different utility functions etc)
  • myres (collection of android resources ready to use)
  • myintent (the myintent app - see below)

You can use any of these through JITPack:

Gradle Dependencies

Add following repository at the end, to your root build.gradle file:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        // ... other repositories here
        maven { url "" }

Then add dependencies to My Intent modules you want - in your app module build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    // ... other dependencies here

Change myactivities to module you want. Usually including the myactivities module is enough because it depends on almost all others.


To see features of this library check out the My Intent App (described below) (especially the MyTestActivity embedded inside the app that just presents most of the features of this library)

There is also very simple example aplication using MyIntent lib. here: My Intent Sample

Also some old Java versions of example apps using this library (its old Java version) are still available here:

TODO: real documentation...

My Intent App

An app that allows the user to start any android intent easily.

Documentation is available here:

Google Play


Screenshots (Old version in Java)

Nexus 4 portrait

device-nexus4-port-2015-11-19-021911.png device-nexus4-port-2015-11-19-022005.png device-nexus4-port-2015-11-19-022042.png device-nexus4-port-2015-11-19-022205.png device-nexus4-port-2015-11-19-022253.png device-nexus4-port-2015-11-19-022327.png device-nexus4-port-2015-11-19-022349.png device-nexus4-port-2015-11-19-022509.png

Nexus 7 portrait

device-nexus7-port-2015-11-16-191053.png device-nexus7-port-2015-11-16-191142.png device-nexus7-port-2015-11-16-191213.png device-nexus7-port-2015-11-16-191252.png device-nexus7-port-2015-11-16-192039.png

Nexus 7 landscape

device-nexus7-land-2015-11-16-190317.png device-nexus7-land-2015-11-16-190351.png device-nexus7-land-2015-11-16-190528.png device-nexus7-land-2015-11-16-190558.png device-nexus7-land-2015-11-16-190637.png device-nexus7-land-2015-11-16-190704.png device-nexus7-land-2015-11-16-190752.png device-nexus7-land-2015-11-16-190953.png

My Tab 10 Q portrait

device-mytab-port-2015-11-16-165101.png device-mytab-port-2015-11-16-165159.png device-mytab-port-2015-11-16-165251.png device-mytab-port-2015-11-16-165417.png

My Tab 10 Q landscape

device-mytab-land-2015-11-16-164715.png device-mytab-land-2015-11-16-164859.png device-mytab-land-2015-11-16-164929.png device-mytab-land-2015-11-16-165547.png device-mytab-land-2015-11-16-165624.png device-mytab-land-2015-11-16-165916.png


A kotlin android library, and an app that allows the user to start ANY android INTENT easily.







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