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Prehistoric NO HTML library

It allows to create the html documents dynamically in pure JavaScript (with almost no html code at all) It contains a kind of a wrappers to DOM hierarchy. We have a function for every html element like: {@code table, tr, td, div, span} etc..; but also we have functions that constructs many specialized and more complex elements that have some dynamic behaviour implemented (like menu, blind, oneof, bar, logger, and more). User can easely use those basic and more advanced elements as a blocks to construct more complex elements.

Please check the files: noh_example.js (and noh_example.html) for full (but simple) working example. Main documentation with introduction and examples is available here: NOH library documentation Additional API documentation generated with JSDoc3 will be available here: NOH API documentation

NOH library depends on jQuery. TODO: Limit jQuery usage for NOH to be able to work with SVG or other elements (not only html) jQuery SVG problems

The simplest example:

Instead of HTML code like:

<div id="someid">
        <h4>Some header</h4>
        Some content
        <h4>Other header</h4>
        Other content

We write JS code like:

    noh.p(noh.h4("Some header"),"Some content"),
    noh.p(noh.h4("Other header"),"Other content")