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Check the Devclose by the description of a repository -- Dev open
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This tool provides a cli and bitbar-plugin to check the devclose of any repository which has it defined in its description. This tool will look for a keyword in the description and interprets the devclose.


In order to activate the bitbar plugin, bitbar has to be installed. This can be installed with:

brew cask install bitbar




By calling without providing any flags, the cli will output following Strings, depending on the current devclose-status:

  • open: No devclose, free for development
  • closed: Devclose
  • unkown: There is no information about the devclose
  • unavailable: The repository is not available.

There are three flags to use:

  1. --json: provides full devclose information in the JSON-format
  2. --bitbar: provides the output in the bitbar-format
  3. --help: shows help


After the devclose-checker is installed, you should see a new icon (depending on the current devclose-status) in your bar which represents the status descibed in the CLI-section:

  • open
  • 🚫 closed
  • unkown
  • 💥 unavailable

Clicking on the icon will show you two more options:

  • Open the linkt to the official repository
  • Open the config file in VIM in order to change it


With the help of a configuration file which is named devclose_config.yml and is stored next to the CLI or bitbar-plugin binary in a config-folder, the following properties are customizable:

  • URL of the repo api

  • open and close indocator strings

  • emojis for each status

The configuration file looks like this:

repo_api: <repo api url> (required)
open_indicator: open (optional)
closed_indicator: close (optional)
emojis: (optional)
  open: ":white_check_mark:" (optional)
  closed: ":no_entry_sign:" (optional)
  unknown: ":question:" (optional)
  unavailable: ":boom:" (optional)

Only the URL of the Repo API is required. All other properties are optional. The example config file above shows also the default values for the optional properties.

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