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MultiDoge release notes:
29 Jan 2016: 0.1.7
+ Update XChange to 3.0.0
+ Replace Cryptsy with Poloniex as source for the DOGE/BTC exchange rate
+ BTC/Fiat exchange rates are provided by BitcoinAverage
+ Updated checkpoints
14 Oct 2015: 0.1.6
+ Fix syncing issue preventing to sync further than Oct 12
11 Oct 2015: 0.1.5
+ Conform to low-s constraint and fix sync against 1.10 nodes
+ Updated checkpoints for faster initial sync
21 Dec 2014: 0.1.4
+ Enable sending coins to MultiSig addresses
+ Updated checkpoints for faster initial sync
28 Aug 2014: 0.1.3
+ Prepare for AuxPoW fork
+ Default font fix
+ Updated checkpoints
+ Translation fixes
15 Mar 2014: 0.1.2
+ Prepare for March 17th fork
+ Update XChange component
+ Internal fixes
+ Translation fixes
23 Feb 2014: 0.1.1
+ Saves window state on close so size and position are restored at launch.
+ Option to minimize to tray. Stays in dock on OS X because Apple has no API to change that dynamically. On Linux the icon lacks transparanecy due to an internal Java bug. Sorry, can't change that :/
+ Only allow nodes with more than 105000 blocks to connect. Prevents running on the wrong side of the recent fork.
+ Remove wallet import (leftover)
+ Only allow .wallet files to imported. Prevents users from trying to open .dat files.
+ Update Japanese translation
#2: Switched to BitcoinAverage as BTC/fiat rate provider
#5: Update French transaltion
#7: Allow parallel running of MultiBit and MultiDoge
#10: Fix "BTC" leftover in transaction details
7 Feb 2014: 0.1.0
Initial release.
MultiBit release notes.
19 Nov 2013 Version 0.5.15
#196. Fixed: Bitcoin URI protocol handler does not work properly under Windows.
#203, #276. Inverted colour scheme now working ok.
#230. Fixed: Exception when sending coins.
#234. Fixed: The addresses in Sign Message / Verify Message need white space trimming.
#235. Fixed: USB drive installation instructions are out of date.
#262. Added support for new wallet format to Import Private Keys.
#280, #284. Fixed: MultiBit does not build.
#283. Fixed: Misleading error message when trying to send very small amount.
#293. Updated build to bitcoinj 0.10.2
#297. Added a message when wallet closes (with location of wallet).
#299. Added Serbian as a target language.
#304. Updated XChange library to 1.9.0
03 Sep 2013 Version 0.5.14
#133. The Windows installer is signed with authenticode.
#161. Fixed bug: Still prompted for password after a send.
#179. Moved 'Show transaction details' to button bar on Transactions tab.
#180. Added 'Export transactions' to Transactions tab.
#181. Improved build to check dependencies using Gary's dependency checker.
#202. Improved closedown of MultiBit. There are now messages in the titlebar.
#209. Fixed bug: Request labels being wiped after private key import.
#223. Tidied up UI.
#224. Updated to bitcoinj 0.10.1.
#225. Updated to XChange 1.8.0.
#229. Renamed windows installer to get automatic administrator elevation.
22 Jul 2013 Version 0.5.13
#190. The backing up of wallets has been improved.
There is now a data directory for each wallet.
#111. Failing test fixed. Also fixed functional tests.
#174. Send address is properly trimmed.
#182. Swiss Francs now has correct currency prefix.
#189. Receiving addresses that are manually added to the info file do not appear in the UI.
#191. Swahili added as a target language.
#195. Fixed Verify Message tooltip on a Mac.
#201. Fixed blank validation message if fee takes total over amount in wallet.
24 June 2013 - Version 0.5.12
+ Updated to bitcoinj v0.9
+ Fees are now calculated automatically. Code by Matt Corallo.
+ The size of the transaction appears on the transactions detail dialog
+ Fixed issues 150, 165 - Automatically recreates BlockStore if there are problems loading it
+ Fixed issue 155 - Version.txt retrieval error on Java 7
+ Fixed issue 156 - Verify message available when wallet is syncing
03 Jun 2013 - Version 0.5.11
+ Implemented issue 96 - Sign and Verify message.
27 May 2013 - Version 0.5.10
+ Fixed issue 116 - could not import backups.
+ Fixed issue 117 - fee was too high.
+ Fixed issue 121 - MtGox ticker information not showing.
+ Fixed issue 125 - overzealous syncing of wallet(s).
+ Fixed issue 137 - Import / Export filechooser nomenclature.
+ Fixed issue 140 - use installed checkpoints file if newer.
+ Fixed issue 141 - bump to XChange 1.7.0, XChart 2.2.0.
22 Apr 2013 Version 0.5.9 (Encrypted wallets release)
+ Version number removed from Mac app name.
+ Updated help files.
+ Fixed bug on opening wallet that is already open.
+ Fixed ticker restart bug.
Version 0.5.9beta
+ I18n update.
+ Update to bitcoinj 0.8-SNAPSHOT
+ added 'Close Wallet'
+ wallets now resync automatically when opened
+ added better sync control on import and reset blockchain
+ changed blockstore to SPVBlockStore - smaller download
+ changed 'Reset blockchain and transactions' suggested replay date to 2 days ago.
+ reduced default fee to 0.0005 BTC
Bug fixes:
+ fix for unparseable fee amount
+ apostrophes now appear in French and Italian translations properly
Mar 2013 Version 0.4.23
+ Additional checking of incoming transactions.
+ Updated to bitcoinj 0.7.2.
+ Notifies user when a new version of MultiBit is available.
+ Tidied up UI when switching "look and feels".
+ Change is now sent to the second key in a wallet if present (this helps people who have imported a backup).
11 Mar 2013 Version 0.4.22
+ Addition of as an exchange. Provides over 150 currencies for currency conversion. (Needs free sign up).
+ Charts can be saved (right click on the chart: "Save as").
+ Updated to Bitcoinj 0.7.1, XChart 2.0.0, XChange 1.5.0.
+ Reset blockchain and transactions default "replay from" date now goes back 2 days.
+ Simplified buttons in wallet list.
Bug fixes:
+ Fixed appearance of blank request screen.
+ Menu tooltips on Macs shown properly.
19 Feb 2013 Version 0.4.21
Bitcoinj v0.7 features:
+ Bloom filters now active to speed up blockchain sync (when talking to bitcoind v0.8 nodes or later).
+ You can now specify particular peers to connect to with the 'peers' property in (Use a comma separated list).
+ Fix for zero confirmation transaction vulnerability identified by Retep.
UI enhancements:
+ You can use Shift-ArrowUp and Shift-ArrowDown to move between wallets when the Wallets panel is selected.
+ Currencies in the Preferences tab now have a full description in addition to the currency code.
12 Feb 2013 Version 0.5.8beta
Bitcoinj v0.7 features:
+ Bloom filters now active to speed up blockchain sync (when talking to bitcoind v0.8rc1 nodes or later).
+ You can now specify particular peers to connect to with the 'peers' property in (Use a comma separated list).
+ Fix for zero confirmation transaction vulnerability identified by Retep.
XChange 1.4.0 features:
+ More exchanges supported for currency lookup: MtGox, Bitstamp, BTC-E, CampBX, VirtEx.
UI enhancements:
+ You can use Shift-ArrowUp and Shift-ArrowDown to move between wallets when the Wallets panel is selected.
+ Wallet icon now highlighted when wallet is selected, more contrast between selected and unselected.
+ Display less flicky when changing languages, fonts and look-and-feel.
+ User chosen font now set properly in dialogs and Help screens.
+ No longer opens in 'local mode' - it picks up your other MultiBit wallets.
+ Removed cacheManager code - no longer supported
+ Backward compatible wallet changes (description added, minor version dropped).
+ Serialised wallets now no longer always load - you may have to use an older version of MultiBit and migrate them to protobuf format.
+ Refactoring of encryption code in response to review comments.
+ Fix for 'Transaction cannot be cast to Comparable' bug on wallet reorgs.
11 Feb 2013 Version 0.4.20
+ Support for more currency exchanges. (XChange 0.4.0).
+ You can move up and down wallets with the Shift-ArrowUp and Shift-ArrowDown keys.
UI changes:
+ More contrast between the active wallet and the others.
+ Less flicky when changing language, font and look-and-feel.
+ Improved font display in dialogs, help, tooltips.
Bug fixes:
+ Fixed bug on display of fiat amount in Send/ Request when changing languages.
+ Fix for 'Transaction cannot be cast to Comparable' bug on wallet reorgs.
14 Jan 2013 Version 0.4.19
Please note: this version does NOT include a full fix for the zero-confirmation vulnerability
announced by Retep on 10 Jan 2013. (This is still being worked on).
+ Improved status notifications for transactions
+ Update to bitcoinj 0.6.1
+ Coinbase transactions now have a pickaxe icon and the status icon fills more slowly
+ Now only hits currency server if ticker is shown or currency conversions are on
+ Fiat currency fields only shown on Send and Request if fiat currency successfully found from remote server
+ Small increase in table row height for visual clarity.
Bug fixes
+ Fixed help tab borking MultiBit if no network present
7 Jan 2013 Version 0.4.18
Bug fixes
+ Issue 63 fixed (default fee of 1 BTC for comma decimal separator languages).
+ Removed splash screen (and help about) image as it was causing a Segmentation Fault on openjdk6 when viewed in 256 colors.
+ Fixed flickery first transaction row.
+ Fixed color of Transactions description column in RTL languages.
17 Dec 2012 Version 0.4.17
+ Change is now spendable as soon as transaction traverse the network.
14 Dec 2012 Version 0.5.7beta
+ Change is now spendable as soon as transaction traverse the network.
+ Fix for "Could not generate key from password and salt" bug on send from unencrypted wallets.
10 Dec 2012 Version 0.4.16
+ Everything from v 0.5.6beta
+ More error handling on show transaction details dialog.
08 Dec 2012 Version 0.5.6beta
+ Everything from 0.4.15
+ Amount in BTC decimal aligned
+ testnet3 support
03 Dec 2012 Version 0.4.15
+ Fiat currency support
+ I18n refresh
+ Mac now uses command-c and v for cut and paste
29 Oct 2012 Version 0.4.14
+ Arabic 100%
+ Fix for chart balance not matching wallet balance
25 Oct 2012 Version 0.5.5beta
+ New encrypted wallet format - NOT backwards compatible
+ Fix for bug where encrypted wallets could be opened as unencrypted
+ Arabic translation 100%
+ Automatic backup of private keys on wallet encryption/ change password/ create new private keys.
+ Forward port of everything from 0.4.13
+ Update to bitcoinj version 0.6
17 Oct 2012 Version 0.4.13
+ Send confirm dialog shows peer propagation
+ Reset blockchain and transactions bug fix
+ Charts panel bug fix
+ Default fee set to 0.001 BTC
+ Mouse scroll wheel bug fix
+ Fix for currencies disappearing in currency ticker
+ Side panel now shown by default for new users
11 Oct 2012 Version 0.4.12
+ Farsi/ Persian translation 100%
+ Online/ connecting tooltip now shows date of last block and number of connected peers.
+ Transaction icon visualises propagation of transaction across peers.
+ Various code hardening/ extra logging.
05 Oct 2012 Version 0.4.11
User interface
+ 8 decimal places of BTC now shown
+ Chart of wallet balance for last 30 days added
+ Drag and drop QR code to desktop
+ Slovenian 100% added
+ Various UI tidyups
+ Faster bitcoin network connection
+ Rolling wallet backup to mitigate sudden power loss
+ Automatic recopy of installer blockchain if required
+ Update to bitcoinj version 0.6
+ Update to XChart 0.2.0
24 Sep 2012 Version 0.5.4beta
+ Faster bitcoin network connection
+ Rolling wallet backup to mitigate sudden power loss
+ Chart of wallet balance for last 30 days added
+ Drag and drop QR code to desktop
+ Eliminated tab flicker
+ Tab title tooltips now show ok
+ Update to bitcoinj version 0.6-SNAPSHOT
+ Update to XChart 0.2.0
10 Sep 2012 Version 0.4.10
+ Czech and Indonesian 100% translation added.
05 Sep 2012 Version 0.5.3beta
+ Forward port of everything from 0.4.9
+ Czech translation 100% added.
03 Sep 2012 Version 0.4.9
+ Look and feel added
+ Improved right-to-left layouts
+ I18n: de, es, fr, ko, znCH 100%. sk:98%, nl:97%, ja:88%
29 Aug 2012 Version 0.5.2alpha
+ Faster wallet encrypt/ decrypt
+ Background tasks
+ I18n. Lots of new text
27 Aug 2012 Version 0.4.8
+ I18n update. Hebrew added as target language. Lots of new texts.
22 Aug 2012 Version 0.5.1alpha
+ All changes added to v0.4.7
+ Encrypted wallets no longer have WrappedWallet message.
+ Ability to cache blocks locally (see configuration.txt).
06 Aug 2012 Version 0.5.0alpha
+ Alpha version of encrypted wallet support
+ removed optional merchant menu
20 Aug 2012 Version 0.4.7
+ Sidepanel UI improvements
+ Less noisy at startup with wallet loading messages
+ Better error handling with currency ticker
30 Jul 2012 Version 0.4.6
+ Wallet versions from the future now not loaded
23 Jul 2012 Version 0.4.5
+ Faster connection to the bitcoin network at startup
+ More help on 'Available to spend'
17 Jul 2012 Version 0.4.4
+ I18n update
+ Update to bitcoinj 0.5.2
09 Jul 2012 Version 0.4.3
Bug fix
+ Replay from genesis block fixed
03 Jul 2012 Version 0.4.2
+ Added utility to migrate wallets from serialised to protobuf format.
+ 'Delete wallet' now overwrites wallet file with random data before deletion (secure delete).
+ Improved error handling on startup if blockchain cannot be loaded.
Bug fix:
+ Installer now works on Win7 x64.
26 Jun 2012 Version 0.4.1
Bug fix:
+ Fix for wallet load error "Illegal state exception - duplicate transaction"
18 Jun 2012 Version 0.4.0
+ Introduction of protobuf format for new wallets
+ Upgrade to bitcoinj v0.5.1 library
+ Upgrade to XChange v1.01 library
+ Added Message window
+ Minor UI improvements to help browser
26 Apr 2012 Version 0.3.4
+ Can now import wallet backups
+ Currency ticker aesthetic improvements
17 Apr 2012 Version 0.3.3
+ Added FastCatchup for fast new user blockchain synchronisation (less than 1 minute)
+ Added currency ticker with support for MtGox exchange
+ Address books are now sorted and current row moves-as-you-type
+ Welcome screen added : available in de, en, es, nl.
+ From the transactions details dialog, the user can open transaction details
in or in their browser
+ Can now specify a date from which to reset the blockchain and transactions
01 Apr 2012 Version 0.3.2
Bug fixes:
+ Fix so that mining pool coinbase transactions appear in wallets correctly.
+ Fix in documentation 'configuration.txt' incorrect parameter name specified.
+ Tweaked point size of first-install default font (+1)
28 Mar 2012 Version 0.3.1
+ Greek translation added.
Substantial UI upgrade done:
+ On page wallets
+ New layout styling for text panels
+ New iconset
+ Use of system colours
+ Context sensitive help
Bug fixes:
+ Fix for tooltip size being very small after set preferences undo
13 Mar 2012 Version 0.3.0Beta6
+ Updated transaction status icons with "circle filling" theme.
+ Added transaction detail dialog from right click on transaction
+ Added progress bar for block downloads
+ Autosaves dirty wallets every 120 seconds
+ Fix for issue 15 - use of commas in wallet description
05 Mar 2012 Version 0.3.0Beta5
+ Encryption of private key export file.
+ Import encrypted private key export file.
+ Improvements to block chain replay.
28 Feb 2012 Version 0.3.0Beta4
+ Better progress feedback on 'import private keys' and 'reset blockchain and transactions'.
+ Fix for BTC being counted twice when repeatedly imported.
+ Dialogs are now modal and always on top.
+ Various UI tidy ups.
20 Feb 2012 Version 0.3.0Beta3
+ Moved to bitcoinj V4-SNAPSHOT
+ I18N refresh - including Russian update.
23 Jan 2012 Version 0.3.0Beta2
+ Includes fix for February 20th 2012 Bitcoin network change
+ Hungarian added
+ Initial version of private key export and reimport available
+ 'Reset blockchain and transactions' moved to Tools menu
15 Jan 2012 Version 0.3.0Beta1
+ Bitcoin protocol handler registered and calls dealt with.
+ Can now specify font for application
Bug fixes
+ Issue 4 - Can now press enter to navigate out of wallet description
+ Transaction fee field width fixed for Linux
02 Jan 2012. Version 0.2.1
+ Polish and Latvian translation added. I18n files refreshed.
+ Now supports right-to-left languages e.g. Arabic
22 Dec 2011. Version 0.2.0
+ Finnish translation added.
Bug fixes
+ Fixed bug where confirmations for a transaction sent intra-wallets was not always saved on exit and amount not updated.
19 Dec 2011. Version 0.2.0beta5
+ Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Hindi, Portuguese and Turkish translations added.
+ Minor installer changes.
12 Dec 2011. Version 0.2.0beta4
+ French and Italian translations completed. Swedish, German, Spanish, Russian updated.
+ Some minor UI changes
Bug fixes
+ Fixed issue #3 - Zero confirmation transactions not confirming. Added 'Reset transactions and blockchain' screen.
04 Dec 2011. Version 0.2.0beta3
+ Added Linux shortcuts
+ Added 'Create Bulk Addresses' for MultiBitMerchant (add showMerchantMenu=true into
Bug fixes
+ Fixed issue #6 - Windows installer cannot install into C:/Program Files.
11 Nov 2011. Version 0.2.0beta2
+ German added.
+ Added 'Your Wallets' screen and a wallet picker in the toolbar.
+ Added swatch generator on Receive bitcoin and Send bitcoin screens.
+ Decreased minimum fee amount to 0.0001 to match bitcoin v0.4 .
+ Visual indication of which panel you are on added.
+ 'Available to spend' now hidden when amount is equal to estimated balance.
+ Added number of blocks as a tool tip to the "Online/ Connecting..." status label.
+ MultiBit now supplied as an exe file for Windows.
+ User data is now stored in user specific roaming/ application data folders.
Bug fixes
+ Fixed selection colour for Receive and Send bitcoin.
+ Fixed label alignment on Receive bitcoin.
+ Fixed that directories appear in 'Open Wallet' for Windows.
13 Oct 2011. Version 0.2.0beta1
+ More language work done - English, Russian, Spanish, Swedish complete.
French, Italian, Norwegian coming along nicely.
Improved language picker in preferences screen.
+ Installers for Windows, Linux and DMG file for Mac.
+ Copy and paste added to address field.
+ Fee added to send confirm screen. Send confirm screen improved.
+ User interface now uses system look and feel for better integration.
+ Added 'singleConnectionNode' option into
+ Various user interface tidy ups.
12 Sep 2011. Version 0.1.3
+ Added QRcode support, including drag and drop.
+ Added transaction fee support.
+ Added validation of addresses and amounts in Send Bitcoin panel.
+ Various user interface improvements.
Bug fixes
+ On send bitcoin status was incorrectly showing 'confirmed' icon rather than 'unconfirmed(0)'. Fixed.
+ and wallet info files are now stored in UTF8.
+ Receive address in Receive bitcoin panel is now copiable.
13 Aug 2011. Version 0.1.2
+ Added Russian translation. (Thanks Gary and Katya.)
+ DNS peer discovery is now used on production network, IRC on testnet.
+ Help Contents now displays HTML help from in a mini-browser.
+ Added log directory with console log and log4j debug log.
+ Added lib directory to tidy up runtime environment.
+ There is now a project_plan.txt describing planned future development.
Bug fixes
+ Copy address in receive bitcoin cleared label bug fixed.
+ Not connecting to testnet when setting testOrProductionNetwork = test fixed.
4 Aug 2011. Version 0.1.1
Initial working version with:
+ Send and receive bitcoins.
+ Address book.
+ English and Spanish translation with ability to switch languages in a preferences setting.
1 Jul 2011. Version 0.1.1alpha
Non functional version illustrating user interface for review by bitcoinj group.