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+This how-to describes how to code sign the Windows installer.
+1) Build all the installers on your main build machine (assumed not to be a Windows machine).
+2) Prepare a directory on a USB drive containing:
+ + the windows installer file e.g. multibit-0.5.14-windows-setup.exe
+ + the encrypted private key + object signing certificate PFX file.
+ (James-Burton-object-pfx.p12). This is not under source control for security reasons.
+ + we will use KSign to do the signing so you might want a copy of the KSign
+ installer, ksign-installer.exe, on your USB.
+3) Transfer the USB to your Windows signing machine.
+4) Install KSign if necessary.
+5) Start KSign. add the following entries:
+ File to sign: multibit-0.5.14-windows-setup.exe
+ Description: MultiBit - lightweight Bitcoin wallet
+ Enter the password to decrypt the PFX file.
+6) You should see a success message.
+7) Test the installer by double clicking on it.
+ You should see a User Account Control dialog signed by "James Burton".
+8) Transfer the signed installer back to your main build machine.
+9) Put it in the releases directory.
+Remember: you need to do the PGP signing and SHA256 hashes AFTER code signing.

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