Langley Foxall Ltd

Software Development Company based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. We make bespoke software to encapsulate and improve a businesses processes.

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  1. technologies

    Technical overview of Langley Foxall, related technologies, frameworks, style guides and more.

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  2. laravel-nist-password-rules

    🔒 Laravel validation rules that follow the password related recommendations found in NIST Special Publication 800-63B section 5.

    PHP 81 1

  3. xero-laravel

    💸 Access the Xero accounting system using an Eloquent-like syntax

    PHP 27 1

  4. modules-laravel

    Package for building modular laravel applications

    PHP 8 2

  5. helpers-laravel

    A repository of laravel specific helper classes to help standardise work. API helpers, converters etc.

    PHP 4 2

  6. react-dynamic-data-table

    Re-usable data table for React with sortable columns, pagination and more.

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