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JSMacs Emacs in JavaScript

by Lang [2009-12-07 Mon]

The test code requires console.debug.

1 Components

1.1 Elisp Compiler

1.1.1 Reader DONE List DONE Vector TODO Symbol TODO Character TODO Number TODO Quasiquote

1.1.2 Symbol Tables Macro (local?) Function (local?) Symbol Dynamic Scope Frame Local Buffer Local

1.1.3 Data Types Function List Vector Number Character String Buffer Overlay Face

1.1.4 Primitives set set-default defmacro, defun, defvar lambda let

1.2 Keyboard Capture

1.2.1 Mouse Capture

1.3 Display

1.3.1 Colors

2 Compilation Steps

2.1 throw/catch

2.2 variable lookup

2.3 macro expansion

2.4 function application

2.4.1 inlining