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growl when erc receives my username again

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commit c11e96bab577b44266d15be7c3cd0d5d95a94e5f 1 parent 7f8f8be
@langmartin authored
Showing with 6 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +6 −5 rc-erc.el
11 rc-erc.el
@@ -80,12 +80,13 @@
(defun erc-growl-hook (match-type nick message)
"Shows a growl notification, when user's nick was mentioned. If the buffer is currently not visible, makes it sticky."
- (unless (posix-string-match "^\\** *Users on #" message)
- (growl
- (concat "ERC " (buffer-name (current-buffer)))
- message)))
+ (when (eq match-type 'current-nick)
+ (unless (posix-string-match "^\\** *Users on #" message)
+ (growl
+ (concat "ERC " (buffer-name (current-buffer)))
+ message))))
-;; (add-hook 'erc-text-matched-hook 'erc-growl-hook)
+(add-hook 'erc-text-matched-hook 'erc-growl-hook)
(defun rc-erc-mode-line-less-decoration ()
(defun erc-modified-channels-object (strings)
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