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// latl.h
// Linear Algebra Template Library
// Created by Rodney James on 1/15/13.
// Copyright (c) 2013 University of Colorado Denver. All rights reserved.
#ifndef _latl_h
#define _latl_h
/// @file latl.h Global types used in LATL.
/// @mainpage
/// @section intro Introduction
/// The Linear Algebra Template Library is a precision neutral dense linear algebra
/// library which implements the core functionality of
/// <A HREF="">LAPACK</A>
/// in C++ using function templates. The floating point type is
/// specified by a template parameter, enabling arbitrary precision computations
/// by using a multiprecision class such as Pavel Holoborodko's
/// <A HREF="">mpfr::mpreal</A> or
/// Christian Schneider's
/// <A HREF="">mpfr::real</A>.
/// Matrices are implemented as pointers to column-major contiguous arrays,
/// rather than using objects, in order to simplify operability with other
/// libraries as well as preserve compatibility with LAPACK.
/// @section code Download
/// Source code and git access is available on GitHub at
/// <A HREF=""></A>.
/// @defgroup DRIV Driver Routines
/// @defgroup COMP Computational Routines
/// @defgroup AUX Auxiliary Routines
/// @defgroup BLAS BLAS Routines
/// @defgroup MATGEN Matrix Generation Routines
#include <complex>
using std::complex;
#include <cstddef>
namespace LATL
/// Integer type used in LATL namespace.
typedef std::ptrdiff_t int_t;
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