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2013.10.30, Version 0.11.8 (Unstable)
* uv: Upgrade to v0.11.14

* v8: upgrade

* assert: indicate if exception message is generated (Glen Mailer)

* buffer: add buf.toArrayBuffer() API (Trevor Norris)

* cluster: fix premature 'disconnect' event (Ben Noordhuis)

* crypto: add SPKAC support (Jason Gerfen)

* debugger: count space for line numbers correctly (Alex Kocharin)

* debugger: make busy loops SIGUSR1-interruptible (Ben Noordhuis)

* debugger: repeat last command (Alex Kocharin)

* debugger: show current line, fix for #6150 (Alex Kocharin)

* dgram: send() can accept strings (Trevor Norris)

* dns: rename domain to hostname (Ben Noordhuis)

* dns: set hostname property on error object (Ben Noordhuis)

* dtrace, mdb_v8: support more string, frame types (Dave Pacheco)

* http: add statusMessage (Patrik Stutz)

* http: expose supported methods (Ben Noordhuis)

* http: provide backpressure for pipeline flood (isaacs)

* process: Add exitCode property (isaacs)

* tls: socket.renegotiate(options, callback) (Fedor Indutny)

* util: format as Error if instanceof Error (Rod Vagg)


2013.10.18, Version 0.10.21 (Stable)
* uv: Upgrade to v0.10.18

* crypto: clear errors from verify failure (Timothy J Fontaine)

* dtrace: interpret two byte strings (Dave Pacheco)

* fs: fix fs.truncate() file content zeroing bug (Ben Noordhuis)

* http: provide backpressure for pipeline flood (isaacs)

* tls: fix premature connection termination (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.10.13, Version 0.8.26 (maintenance)
* v8: Upgrade to

* crypto: clear openssl error stack when handled (Ben Noordhuis)

* crypto: clear errors from verify failure (Timothy J Fontaine)

* crypto: fix memory leak in LoadPKCS12 (Fedor Indutny)

* http: provide backpressure for pipeline flood (isaacs)

* http_parser: expose pause/resume method for parser (Timothy J Fontaine)

* readline: pause stdin before turning off terminal raw mode (Daniel Chatfield)


2013.09.30, Version 0.10.20 (Stable)
* tls: fix sporadic hang and partial reads (Fedor Indutny)
  - fixes "npm ERR! cb() never called!"


2013.09.24, Version 0.10.19 (Stable)
* uv: Upgrade to v0.10.17

* npm: upgrade to 1.3.11

* readline: handle input starting with control chars (Eric Schrock)

* configure: add mips-float-abi (soft, hard) option (Andrei Sedoi)

* stream: objectMode transforms allow falsey values (isaacs)

* tls: prevent duplicate values returned from read (Nathan Rajlich)

* tls: NPN protocols are now local to connections (Fedor Indutny)


2013.08.21, Version 0.11.7 (Unstable)
* uv: upgrade to v0.11.13

* v8: upgrade to 3.20.17

* buffer: adhere to INSPECT_MAX_BYTES (Timothy J Fontaine)

* buffer: fix regression for large buffer creation (Trevor Norris)

* buffer: don't throw if slice length too long (Trevor Norris)

* buffer: Buffer(buf) constructor copies into the proper buffer (Ben Noordhuis)

* cli: remove --max-stack-size (Ben Noordhuis)

* cli: unknown command line options are errors (Ben Noordhuis)

* child_process: exec accept buffer as an encoding (Seth Fitzsimmons)

* crypto: make randomBytes/pbkdf2 callbacks domain aware (Ben Noordhuis)

* domain: deprecate domain.dispose(). (Forrest L Norvell)

* fs: Expose birthtime on stat objects (isaacs)

* http: Only send connection:keep-alive if necessary (isaacs)

* repl: Catch syntax errors better (isaacs, Nathan Rajlich)

* stream: change default highWaterMark for objectMode to 16 (Mathias Buus)

* stream: make setEncoding/pause/resume chainable (Julian Gruber, isaacs)

* util: pass opts to custom inspect functions (Timothy J Fontaine)

* vm: rewritten to behave like Contextify (Domenic Denicola)


2013.09.04, Version 0.10.18 (Stable)
* uv: Upgrade to v0.10.15

* stream: Don't crash on unset _events property (isaacs)

* stream: Pass 'buffer' encoding with decoded writable chunks (isaacs)


2013.08.21, Version 0.10.17 (Stable)
* uv: Upgrade v0.10.14

* http_parser: Do not accept PUN/GEM methods as PUT/GET (Chris Dickinson)

* tls: fix assertion when ssl is destroyed at read (Fedor Indutny)

* stream: Throw on 'error' if listeners removed (isaacs)

* dgram: fix assertion on bad send() arguments (Ben Noordhuis)

* readline: pause stdin before turning off terminal raw mode (Daniel Chatfield)


2013.08.21, Version 0.11.6 (Unstable)
* uv: Upgrade to v0.11.8

* v8: upgrade v8 to

* build: disable SSLv2 by default (Ben Noordhuis)

* build: don't auto-destroy existing configuration (Ben Noordhuis)

* crypto: add TLS 1.1 and 1.2 to secureProtocol list (Matthias Bartelmeß)

* crypto: fix memory leak in randomBytes() error path (Ben Noordhuis)

* dgram: don't call into js when send cb is omitted (Ben Noordhuis)

* dgram: fix regression in string argument handling (Ben Noordhuis)

* domains: performance improvements (Trevor Norris)

* events: EventEmitter = require('events') (Jake Verbaten)

* http: Add write()/end() callbacks (isaacs)

* http: Consistent 'finish' event semantics (isaacs)

* http: Prefer 'binary' over 'ascii' (isaacs)

* http: Support legacy agent.addRequest API (isaacs)

* http: Write hex/base64 chunks properly (isaacs)

* http: add agent.maxFreeSockets option (isaacs)

* http: provide access to raw headers/trailers (isaacs)

* http: removed headers stay removed (James Halliday)

* http,timers: improve callback performance (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: family option in net.connect (Vsevolod Strukchinsky)

* readline: pause stdin before turning off terminal raw mode (Daniel Chatfield)

* smalloc: allow different external array types (Trevor Norris)

* smalloc: expose ExternalArraySize (Trevor Norris)

* stream: Short-circuit buffer pushes when flowing (isaacs)

* tls: handle errors on socket before releasing it (Fedor Indutny)

* util: fix isPrimitive check (Trevor Norris)

* util: isObject should always return boolean (Trevor Norris)


2013.08.16, Version 0.10.16 (Stable)
* v8: back-port fix for CVE-2013-2882

* npm: Upgrade to 1.3.8

* crypto: fix assert() on malformed hex input (Ben Noordhuis)

* crypto: fix memory leak in randomBytes() error path (Ben Noordhuis)

* events: fix memory leak, don't leak event names (Ben Noordhuis)

* http: Handle hex/base64 encodings properly (isaacs)

* http: improve chunked res.write(buf) performance (Ben Noordhuis)

* stream: Fix double pipe error emit (Eran Hammer)


2013.08.06, Version 0.11.5 (Unstable)
* v8: upgrade to 3.20.11

* uv: upgrade to v0.11.7

* buffer: return offset for end of last write (Trevor Norris)

* build: embed the into the binary (Timothy J Fontaine)

* build: fix --without-ssl build (Ben Noordhuis)

* child_process: add 'shell' option to .exec() (Ben Noordhuis)

* dgram: report send errors to cb, don't pass bytes (Ben Noordhuis)

* fs: write strings directly to disk (Trevor Norris)

* https: fix default port (Koichi Kobayashi)

* openssl: use asm for sha, md5, rmd (Fedor Indutny)

* os: add mac address to networkInterfaces() output (Brian White)

* smalloc: introduce smalloc module (Trevor Norris)

* stream: Simplify flowing, passive data listening (streams3) (isaacs)

* tls: asynchronous SNICallback (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: share tls tickets key between cluster workers (Fedor Indutny)

* util: don't throw on circular %j input to format() (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.07.25, Version 0.10.15 (Stable)
* src: fix process.getuid() return value (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.07.25, Version 0.10.14 (Stable)
* uv: Upgrade to v0.10.13

* npm: Upgrade to v1.3.5

* os: Don't report negative times in cpu info (Ben Noordhuis)

* fs: Handle large UID and GID (Ben Noordhuis)

* url: Fix edge-case when protocol is non-lowercase (Shuan Wang)

* doc: Streams API Doc Rewrite (isaacs)

* node: call MakeDomainCallback in all domain cases (Trevor Norris)

* crypto: fix memory leak in LoadPKCS12 (Fedor Indutny)


2013.07.12, Version 0.11.4 (Unstable)
* npm: Upgrade to 1.3.4

* v8: Upgrade to v3.20.2

* c-ares: Upgrade to piscisaureus/cares@805d153

* timers: setImmediate process full queue each turn (Ben Noordhuis)

* http: Add agent.get/request methods (isaacs)

* http: Proper KeepAlive behavior (isaacs)

* configure: fix the --without-ssl option (Nathan Rajlich)

* buffer: propagate originating parent (Trevor Norris)

* tls_wrap: return Error not throw for missing cert (Timothy J Fontaine)

* src: enable native v8 typed arrays (Ben Noordhuis)

* stream: objectMode transform should allow falsey values (Jeff Barczewski)

* slab_allocator: remove SlabAllocator (Trevor Norris)

* crypto: fix memory leak in LoadPKCS12 (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: export TLSSocket (Fedor Indutny)

* zlib: allow changing of level and strategy (Brian White)

* zlib: allow custom flush type for flush() (Brian White)


2013.07.09, Version 0.10.13 (Stable)
* uv: Upgrade to v0.10.12

* npm: Upgrade to 1.3.2

* windows: get proper errno (Ben Noordhuis)

* tls: only wait for finish if we haven't seen it (Timothy J Fontaine)

* http: Dump response when request is aborted (isaacs)

* http: use an unref'd timer to fix delay in exit (Peter Rust)

* zlib: level can be negative (Brian White)

* zlib: allow zero values for level and strategy (Brian White)

* buffer: add comment explaining buffer alignment (Ben Noordhuis)

* string_bytes: properly detect 64bit (Timothy J Fontaine)

* src: fix memory leak in UsingDomains() (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.06.26, Version 0.11.3 (Unstable)
* uv: Upgrade to v0.11.5

* c-ares: upgrade to 1.10.0

* v8: upgrade to v3.19.13

* punycode: update to v1.2.3 (Mathias Bynens)

* debugger: break on uncaught exception (Miroslav Bajtos)

* child_process: emit 'disconnect' asynchronously (Ben Noordhuis)

* dtrace: enable uv's probes if enabled (Timothy J Fontaine)

* dtrace: unify dtrace and systemtap interfaces (Timothy J Fontaine)

* buffer: New API for backing data store (Trevor Norris)

* buffer: return `this` in fill() for chainability (Brian White)

* build: fix include order for building on windows (Timothy J Fontaine)

* build: add android support (Linus Mårtensson)

* readline: strip ctrl chars for prompt width calc (Krzysztof Chrapka)

* tls: introduce TLSSocket based on tls_wrap binding (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: add localAddress and localPort properties (Ben Noordhuis)

* crypto: free excessive memory in NodeBIO (Fedor Indutny)

* process: remove maxTickDepth (Trevor Norris)

* timers: use uv_now instead of (Timothy J Fontaine)

* util: Add debuglog, deprecate console lookalikes (isaacs)

* module: use path.sep instead of a custom solution (Robert Kowalski)

* http: don't escape request path, reject bad chars (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: emit dns 'lookup' event before connect (Ben Noordhuis)

* dns: add getServers and setServers (Timothy J Fontaine)


2013.06.18, Version 0.10.12 (Stable)
* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.32

* readline: make `ctrl + L` clear the screen (Yuan Chuan)

* v8: add setVariableValue debugger command (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: Do not destroy socket mid-write (isaacs)

* v8: fix build for mips32r2 architecture (Andrei Sedoi)

* configure: fix cross-compilation host_arch_cc() (Andrei Sedoi)


2013.06.13, Version 0.8.25 (maintenance)
* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.30

* child_process: fix handle delivery (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.06.13, Version 0.10.11 (Stable)
* uv: upgrade to 0.10.11

* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.30

* openssl: add missing configuration pieces for MIPS (Andrei Sedoi)

* Revert "http: remove bodyHead from 'upgrade' events" (isaacs)

* v8: fix pointer arithmetic undefined behavior (Trevor Norris)

* crypto: fix utf8/utf-8 encoding check (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: Fix busy loop on POLLERR|POLLHUP on older linux kernels (Ben Noordhuis, isaacs)


2013.06.04, Version 0.10.10 (Stable)
* uv: Upgrade to 0.10.10

* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.25

* url: Properly parse certain oddly formed urls (isaacs)

* stream: unshift('') is a noop (isaacs)


2013.06.04, Version 0.8.24 (maintenance)
* npm: Upgrade to v1.2.24

* url: Properly parse certain oddly formed urls (isaacs)

* http: Don't try to destroy nonexistent sockets (isaacs)

* handle_wrap: fix NULL pointer dereference (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.05.30, Version 0.10.9 (Stable)
* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.24

* uv: Upgrade to v0.10.9

* repl: fix JSON.parse error check (Brian White)

* tls: proper .destroySoon (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: invoke write cb only after opposite read end (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: ignore .shutdown() syscall error (Fedor Indutny)


2013.05.24, Version 0.10.8 (Stable)
* v8: update to

* uv: upgrade to 0.10.8

* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.23

* http: remove bodyHead from 'upgrade' events (Nathan Zadoks)

* http: Return true on empty writes, not false (isaacs)

* http: save roundtrips, convert buffers to strings (Ben Noordhuis)

* configure: respect the --dest-os flag consistently (Nathan Rajlich)

* buffer: throw when writing beyond buffer (Trevor Norris)

* crypto: Clear error after DiffieHellman key errors (isaacs)

* string_bytes: strip padding from base64 strings (Trevor Norris)


2013.05.17, Version 0.10.7 (Stable)
* uv: upgrade to v0.10.7

* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.21

* crypto: Don't ignore verify encoding argument (isaacs)

* buffer, crypto: fix default encoding regression (Ben Noordhuis)

* timers: fix setInterval() assert (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.05.14, Version 0.10.6 (Stable)
* module: Deprecate require.extensions (isaacs)

* stream: make Readable.wrap support objectMode, empty streams (Daniel Moore)

* child_process: fix handle delivery (Ben Noordhuis)

* crypto: Fix performance regression (isaacs)

* src: DRY string encoding/decoding (isaacs)


2013.05.13, Version 0.11.2 (Unstable)
* uv: Upgrade to 0.11.2

* V8: Upgrade to 3.19.0

* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.21

* build: Makefile should respect configure --prefix (Timothy J Fontaine)

* cluster: use round-robin load balancing (Ben Noordhuis)

* debugger, cluster: each worker has new debug port (Miroslav Bajtoš)

* debugger: `restart` with custom debug port (Miroslav Bajtoš)

* debugger: breakpoints in scripts not loaded yet (Miroslav Bajtoš)

* event: EventEmitter#setMaxListeners() returns this (Sam Roberts)

* events: add EventEmitter.defaultMaxListeners (Ben Noordhuis)

* install: Support $(PREFIX) install target directory prefix (Olof Johansson)

* os: Include netmask in os.networkInterfaces() (Ben Kelly)

* path: add path.isAbsolute(path) (Ryan Doenges)

* stream: Guarantee ordering of 'finish' event (isaacs)

* streams: introduce .cork/.uncork/._writev (Fedor Indutny)

* vm: add support for timeout argument (Andrew Paprocki)


2013.04.23, Version 0.10.5 (Stable)
* uv: Upgrade to 0.10.5 (isaacs)

* build: added support for Visual Studio 2012 (Miroslav Bajtoš)

* http: Don't try to destroy nonexistent sockets (isaacs)

* crypto: LazyTransform on properties, not methods (isaacs)

* assert: put info in err.message, not (Ryan Doenges)

* dgram: fix no address bind() (Ben Noordhuis)

* handle_wrap: fix NULL pointer dereference (Ben Noordhuis)

* os: fix unlikely buffer overflow in os.type() (Ben Noordhuis)

* stream: Fix unshift() race conditions (isaacs)


2013.04.19, Version 0.11.1 (Unstable)
* V8: upgrade to 3.18.0

* uv: Upgrade to v0.11.1

* http: split into multiple separate modules (Timothy J Fontaine)

* http: escape unsafe characters in request path (Ben Noordhuis)

* url: Escape all unwise characters (isaacs)

* build: depend on v8 postmortem-metadata if enabled (Paddy Byers)

* etw: update prototypes to match dtrace provider (Timothy J Fontaine)

* buffer: change output of Buffer.prototype.toJSON() (David Braun)

* dtrace: actually use the _handle.fd value (Timothy J Fontaine)

* dtrace: pass more arguments to probes (Dave Pacheco)

* build: allow building with dtrace on osx (Dave Pacheco)

* zlib: allow passing options to convenience methods (Kyle Robinson Young)


2013.04.11, Version 0.10.4 (Stable)
* uv: Upgrade to 0.10.4

* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.18

* v8: Avoid excessive memory growth in JSON.parse (Fedor Indutny)

* child_process, cluster: fix O(n*m) scan of cmd string (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: fix socket.bytesWritten Buffers support (Fedor Indutny)

* buffer: fix offset checks (Łukasz Walukiewicz)

* stream: call write cb before finish event (isaacs)

* http: Support write(data, 'hex') (isaacs)

* crypto: dh secret should be left-padded (Fedor Indutny)

* process: expose NODE_MODULE_VERSION in process.versions (Rod Vagg)

* crypto: fix constructor call in crypto streams (Andreas Madsen)

* net: account for encoding in .byteLength (Fedor Indutny)

* net: fix buffer iteration in bytesWritten (Fedor Indutny)

* crypto: zero is not an error if writing 0 bytes (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: Re-enable check of CN-ID in cert verification (Tobias Müllerleile)


2013.04.09, Version 0.8.23 (maintenance)
* npm: Upgrade to v1.2.18

* http: Avoid EE warning on ECONNREFUSED handling (isaacs)

* tls: Re-enable check of CN-ID in cert verification (Tobias Müllerleile)

* child_process: fix sending utf-8 to child process (Ben Noordhuis)

* crypto: check key type in GetPeerCertificate() (Ben Noordhuis)

* win/openssl: mark assembled object files as seh safe (Bert Belder)

* windows/msi: fix msi build issue with WiX 3.7/3.8 (Raymond Feng)


2013.04.03, Version 0.10.3 (Stable)
* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.17

* child_process: acknowledge sent handles (Fedor Indutny)

* etw: update prototypes to match dtrace provider (Timothy J Fontaine)

* dtrace: pass more arguments to probes (Dave Pacheco)

* build: allow building with dtrace on osx (Dave Pacheco)

* http: Remove legacy ECONNRESET workaround code (isaacs)

* http: Ensure socket cleanup on client response end (isaacs)

* tls: Destroy socket when encrypted side closes (isaacs)

* repl: isSyntaxError() catches "strict mode" errors (Nathan Rajlich)

* crypto: Pass options to ctor calls (isaacs)

* src: tie process.versions.uv to uv_version_string() (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.03.28, Version 0.11.0 (Unstable)
* V8: update to 3.17.13

* os: use %SystemRoot% or %windir% in os.tmpdir() (Suwon Chae)

* util: fix util.inspect() line width calculation (Marcin Kostrzewa)

* buffer: remove _charsWritten (Trevor Norris)

* fs: uv_[fl]stat now reports subsecond resolution (Timothy J Fontaine)

* fs: Throw if error raised and missing callback (bnoordhuis)

* tls: expose SSL_CTX_set_timeout via tls.createServer (Manav Rathi)

* tls: remove harmful unnecessary bounds checking (Marcel Laverdet)

* buffer: write ascii strings using WriteOneByte (Trevor Norris)

* dtrace: fix generation of v8 constants on freebsd (Fedor Indutny)

* dtrace: x64 ustack helper (Fedor Indutny)

* readline: handle wide characters properly (Nao Iizuka)

* repl: Use a domain to catch async errors safely (isaacs)

* repl: emit 'reset' event when context is reset (Sami Samhuri)

* util: custom `inspect()` method may return an Object (Nathan Rajlich)

* console: `console.dir()` bypasses inspect() methods (Nathan Rajlich)


2013.03.28, Version 0.10.2 (Stable)
* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.15

* uv: Upgrade to 0.10.3

* tls: handle SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: handle errors before calling C++ methods (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: remove harmful unnecessary bounds checking (Marcel Laverdet)

* crypto: make getCiphers() return non-SSL ciphers (Ben Noordhuis)

* crypto: check randomBytes() size argument (Ben Noordhuis)

* timers: do not calculate Timeout._when property (Alexey Kupershtokh)

* timers: fix off-by-one ms error (Alexey Kupershtokh)

* timers: handle signed int32 overflow in enroll() (Fedor Indutny)

* stream: Fix stall in Transform under very specific conditions (Gil Pedersen)

* stream: Handle late 'readable' event listeners (isaacs)

* stream: Fix early end in Writables on zero-length writes (isaacs)

* domain: fix domain callback from MakeCallback (Trevor Norris)

* child_process: don't emit same handle twice (Ben Noordhuis)

* child_process: fix sending utf-8 to child process (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.03.21, Version 0.10.1 (Stable)
* npm: upgrade to 1.2.15

* crypto: Improve performance of non-stream APIs (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: always reset this.ssl.error after handling (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: Prevent mid-stream hangs (Fedor Indutny, isaacs)

* net: improve arbitrary tcp socket support (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: handle 'finish' event only after 'connect' (Fedor Indutny)

* http: Don't hot-path end() for large buffers (isaacs)

* fs: Missing cb errors are deprecated, not a throw (isaacs)

* fs: make write/appendFileSync correctly set file mode (Raymond Feng)

* stream: Return self from readable.wrap (isaacs)

* stream: Never call decoder.end() multiple times (Gil Pedersen)

* windows: enable watching signals with process.on('SIGXYZ') (Bert Belder)

* node: revert removal of MakeCallback (Trevor Norris)

* node: Unwrap without aborting in handle fd getter (isaacs)


2013.03.11, Version 0.10.0 (Stable)
* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.14

* core: Append filename properly in dlopen on windows (isaacs)

* zlib: Manage flush flags appropriately (isaacs)

* domains: Handle errors thrown in nested error handlers (isaacs)

* buffer: Strip high bits when converting to ascii (Ben Noordhuis)

* win/msi: Enable modify and repair (Bert Belder)

* win/msi: Add feature selection for various node parts (Bert Belder)

* win/msi: use consistent registry key paths (Bert Belder)

* child_process: support sending dgram socket (Andreas Madsen)

* fs: Raise EISDIR on Windows when calling on a dir (isaacs)

* unix: fix strict aliasing warnings, macro-ify functions (Ben Noordhuis)

* unix: honor UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE environment var (Ben Noordhuis)

* win/tty: fix typo in color attributes enumeration (Bert Belder)

* win/tty: don't touch insert mode or quick edit mode (Bert Belder)


2013.03.07, Version 0.8.22 (Stable)
* npm: Update to 1.2.14

* cluster: propagate bind errors (Ben Noordhuis)

* crypto: don't assert when calling Cipher#final() twice (Ben Noordhuis)

* build, windows: disable SEH (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.03.06, Version 0.9.12 (Unstable)
* stream: Allow strings in Readable.push/unshift (isaacs)

* stream: Remove bufferSize option (isaacs)

* stream: Increase highWaterMark on large reads (isaacs)

* stream: _write: takes an encoding argument (isaacs)

* stream: _transform: remove no output() method, provide encoding (isaacs)

* stream: Don't require read(0) to emit 'readable' event (isaacs)

* node: Add --throw-deprecation (isaacs)

* http: fix multiple timeout events (Eugene Girshov)

* http: More useful setTimeout API on server (isaacs)

* net: use close callback, not process.nextTick (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: Provide better error when writing after FIN (isaacs)

* dns: Support NAPTR queries (Pavel Lang)

* dns: fix ReferenceError in resolve() error path (Xidorn Quan)

* child_process: handle ENOENT correctly on Windows (Scott Blomquist)

* cluster: Rename destroy() to kill(signal=SIGTERM) (isaacs)

* build: define nightly tag external to build system (Timothy J Fontaine)

* build: make msi build work when spaces are present in the path (Bert Belder)

* build: fix msi build issue with WiX 3.7/3.8 (Raymond Feng)

* repl: make compatible with domains (Dave Olszewski)

* events: Code cleanup and performance improvements (Trevor Norris)


2013.03.01, Version 0.9.10 (Unstable)
* V8: downgrade 3.14.5

* openssl: update to 1.0.1e

* darwin: Make process.title work properly (Ben Noordhuis)

* fs: Support mode/flag options to read/append/writeFile (isaacs)

* stream: _read() no longer takes a callback (isaacs)

* stream: Add stream.unshift(chunk) (isaacs)

* stream: remove lowWaterMark feature (isaacs)

* net: omit superfluous 'connect' event (Ben Noordhuis)

* build, windows: disable SEH (Ben Noordhuis)

* core: remove errno global (Ben Noordhuis)

* core: Remove the nextTick for running the main file (isaacs)

* core: Mark exit() calls with status codes (isaacs)

* core: Fix debug signal handler race condition lock (isaacs)

* crypto: clear error stack (Ben Noordhuis)

* test: optionally set common.PORT via env variable (Timothy J Fontaine)

* path: Throw TypeError on non-string args to path.resolve/join (isaacs, Arianit Uka)

* crypto: fix uninitialized memory access in openssl (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.02.25, Version 0.8.21 (Stable)
* http: Do not free the wrong parser on socket close (isaacs)

* http: Handle hangup writes more gently (isaacs)

* zlib: fix assert on bad input (Ben Noordhuis)

* test: add TAP output to the test runner (Timothy J Fontaine)


2013.02.19, Version 0.9.10 (Unstable)
* V8: Upgrade to

* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.12

* fs: Change default WriteStream config, increase perf (isaacs)

* process: streamlining tick callback logic (Trevor Norris)

* stream_wrap, udp_wrap: add read-only fd property (Ben Noordhuis)

* buffer: accept negative indices in Buffer#slice() (Ben Noordhuis)

* tls: Cycle data when underlying socket drains (isaacs)

* stream: read(0) should not always trigger _read(n,cb) (isaacs)

* stream: Empty strings/buffers do not signal EOF any longer (isaacs)

* crypto: improve cipher/decipher error messages (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: Respect the 'readable' flag on sockets (isaacs)

* net: don't suppress ECONNRESET (Ben Noordhuis)

* typed arrays: copy Buffer in typed array constructor (Ben Noordhuis)

* typed arrays: make DataView throw on non-ArrayBuffer (Ben Noordhuis)

* windows: MSI installer enhancements (Scott Blomquist, Jim Schubert)


2013.02.15, Version 0.8.20 (Stable)
* npm: Upgrade to v1.2.11

* http: Do not let Agent hand out destroyed sockets (isaacs)

* http: Raise hangup error on destroyed socket write (isaacs)

* http: protect against response splitting attacks (Bert Belder)


2013.02.07, Version 0.9.9 (Unstable)
* tls: port CryptoStream to streams2 (Fedor Indutny)

* typed arrays: only share ArrayBuffer backing store (Ben Noordhuis)

* stream: make Writable#end() accept a callback function (Nathan Rajlich)

* buffer: optimize 'hex' handling (Ben Noordhuis)

* dns, cares: don't filter NOTIMP, REFUSED, SERVFAIL (Ben Noordhuis)

* readline: treat bare \r as a line ending (isaacs)

* readline: make \r\n emit one 'line' event (Ben Noordhuis)

* cluster: support datagram sockets (Bert Belder)

* stream: Correct Transform class backpressure (isaacs)

* addon: Pass module object to NODE_MODULE init function (isaacs, Rod Vagg)

* buffer: slow buffer copy compatibility fix (Trevor Norris)

* Add bytesWritten to tls.CryptoStream (Andy Burke)


2013.02.06, Version 0.8.19 (Stable)
* npm: Upgrade to v1.2.10

* zlib: pass object size hint to V8 (Ben Noordhuis)

* zlib: reduce memory consumption, release early (Ben Noordhuis)

* buffer: slow buffer copy compatibility fix (Trevor Norris)

* zlib: don't assert on malformed dictionary (Ben Noordhuis)

* zlib: don't assert on missing dictionary (Ben Noordhuis)

* windows: better ipv6 support (Bert Belder)

* windows: add error mappings related to unsupported protocols (Bert Belder)

* windows: map ERROR_DIRECTORY to UV_ENOENT (Bert Belder)


2013.01.24, Version 0.9.8 (Unstable)
* npm: Upgrade to v1.2.3

* V8: Upgrade to

* streams: Support objects other than Buffers (Jake Verbaten)

* buffer: remove float write range checks (Trevor Norris)

* http: close connection on 304/204 responses with chunked encoding (Ben Noordhuis)

* build: fix build with dtrace support on FreeBSD (Fedor Indutny)

* console: Support formatting options in trace() (isaacs)

* domain: empty stack on all exceptions (Dave Olszewski)

* unix, windows: make uv_*_bind() error codes consistent (Andrius Bentkus)

* linux: add futimes() fallback (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.01.18, Version 0.8.18 (Stable)
* npm: Upgrade to v1.2.2

* dns: make error message match errno (Dan Milon)

* tls: follow RFC6125 more stricly (Fedor Indutny)

* buffer: reject negative SlowBuffer offsets (Ben Noordhuis)

* install: add simplejson fallback (Chris Dent)

* http: fix "Cannot call method 'emit' of null" (Ben Noordhuis)


2013.01.18, Version 0.9.7 (Unstable)
* V8: Upgrade to

* npm: Upgrade to 1.2.2

* punycode: Upgrade to 1.2.0 (Mathias Bynens)

* repl: make built-in modules available by default (Felix Böhm)

* windows: add support for '_Total' perf counters (Scott Blomquist)

* cluster: make --prof work for workers (Ben Noordhuis)

* child_process: do not keep list of sent sockets (Fedor Indutny)

* tls: Follow RFC6125 more strictly (Fedor Indutny)

* buffer: floating point read/write improvements (Trevor Norris)

* TypedArrays: Improve dataview perf without endian param (Dean McNamee)

* module: assert require() called with a non-empty string (Felix Böhm, James Campos)

* stdio: Set readable/writable flags properly (isaacs)

* stream: Properly handle large reads from push-streams (isaacs)


2013.01.11, Version 0.9.6 (Unstable)
* V8: update to

* node: remove ev-emul.h (Ben Noordhuis)

* path: make basename and extname ignore trailing slashes (Bert Belder)

* typed arrays: fix sunos signed/unsigned char issue (Ben Noordhuis)

* child_process: Fix {stdio:'inherit'} regression (Ben Noordhuis)

* child_process: Fix pipe() from child stdio streams  (Maciej Małecki)

* child_process: make fork() execPath configurable (Bradley Meck)

* stream: Add readable.push(chunk) method (isaacs)

* dtrace: x64 ustack helper (Fedor Indutny)

* repl: fix floating point number parsing (Nirk Niggler)

* repl: allow overriding builtins (Ben Noordhuis)

* net: add localAddress and localPort to Socket (James Hight)

* fs: make pool size coincide with ReadStream bufferSize (Shigeki Ohtsu)

* typed arrays: implement load and store swizzling (Dean McNamee)

* windows: fix perfctr crash on XP and 2003 (Scott Blomquist)

* dgram: fix double implicit bind error (Ben Noordhuis)


2012.01.09, Version 0.8.17 (Stable)
* npm: Upgrade to v1.2.0
  - peerDependencies (Domenic Denicola)
  - node-gyp v0.8.2 (Nathan Rajlich)
  - Faster installs from github user/project shorthands (Nathan Zadoks)

* typed arrays: fix 32 bit size/index overflow (Ben Noordhuis)

* http: Improve performance of single-packet responses (Ben Noordhuis)

* install: fix openbsd man page location (Ben Noordhuis)

* http: bubble up parser errors to ClientRequest (Brian White)


2012.12.30, Version 0.9.5 (Unstable)
* assert: improve support for new execution contexts (lukebayes)

* domain: use camelCase instead of snake_case (isaacs)

* domain: Do not use uncaughtException handler (isaacs)

* fs: make 'end' work with ReadStream without 'start' (Ben Noordhuis)

* https: optimize createConnection() (Ryunosuke SATO)

* buffer: speed up base64 encoding by 20% (Ben Noordhuis)

* doc: Colorize API stabilitity index headers in docs (Luke Arduini)

* net: socket.readyState corrections (bentaber)

* http: Performance enhancements for http under streams2 (isaacs)

* stream: fix to emit end event on http.ClientResponse (Shigeki Ohtsu)

* stream: fix event handler leak in readstream pipe and unpipe (Andreas Madsen)

* build: Support ./configure --tag switch (Maciej Małecki)

* repl: don't touch `require.cache` (Nathan Rajlich)

* node: Emit 'exit' event when exiting for an uncaught exception (isaacs)


2012.12.21, Version 0.9.4 (Unstable)
* streams: Update all streaming interfaces to use new classes (isaacs)

* node: remove idle gc (Ben Noordhuis)

* http: protect against response splitting attacks (Bert Belder)

* fs: Raise error when null bytes detected in paths (isaacs)

* fs: fix 'object is not a function' callback errors (Ben Noordhuis)

* fs: add autoClose=true option to fs.createReadStream (Farid Neshat)

* process: add getgroups(), setgroups(), initgroups() (Ben Noordhuis)

* openssl: optimized asm code on x86 and x64 (Bert Belder)

* crypto: fix leak in GetPeerCertificate (Fedor Indutny)

* add systemtap support (Jan Wynholds)

* windows: add ETW and PerfCounters support (Scott Blomquist)

* windows: fix normalization of UNC paths (Bert Belder)

* crypto: fix ssl error handling (Sergey Kholodilov)

* node: remove eio-emul.h (Ben Noordhuis)

* os: add os.endianness() function (Nathan Rajlich)

* readline: don't emit "line" events with a trailing 'n' char (Nathan Rajlich)

* build: add configure option to generate xcode build files (Timothy J Fontaine)

* build: allow linking against system libuv, cares, http_parser (Stephen Gallagher)

* typed arrays: add slice() support to ArrayBuffer (Anthony Pesch)

* debugger: exit and kill child on SIGTERM or SIGHUP (Fedor Indutny)

* url: url.format escapes delimiters in path and query (J. Lee Coltrane)
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