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  • Output my output result files
  • Program my program directory, which is developed by java with Eclipse
  • Slides my demo presentation slides
  • ReadMe this file

##Function Introduction Predict the douban score of a new movie.


  • Progeam/Data/train.xml is movie information I crawled from Douban, including information of 460 movies.
  • Progeam/Data/predict1.xml is movie information without score
  • Progeam/Data/predict2.xml is similar to predict1.xml

##Referenced Library

  • dom4j is used for reading xml file
  • weka is used for linear regression model
  • lucene is used for computing the similarity of movie summary
  • paoding-analysis is used for chinese word segmentation
  • commons-logging is a library referenced by paoding-analysis
  • dic is the dictionary of Chinese word segmentation referenced by paoding-analysis


  • ruixiang.lang.Main is the entrance of this project
  • ruixiang.lang.Movie is model of movie
  • ruixiang.lang.ScorePredictModel is linear regression model
  • ruixiang.lang.SimilarityIndex is an assistive class
  • ruixiang.lang.SimilarityMeasure is used to compute the similarity of movie information
  • ruixiang.lang.XMLUtil is used to read xml file

##Predict Result See my DemoPresentation.pptx in Slides or see the images in Output

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