LanguageTool grammar checking for Visual Studio Code.
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LanguageTool Extension for Visual Studio Code

NOTICE: as of v0.0.2, this extension does not include any languages. You MUST install a language support extension.

Provides offline grammar checking in Visual Studio Code using LanguageTool via the LanguageTool Language Server. This extension provides only the core functionality. You must install extensions containing the language rules for each language you wish to be able to check.


  • Issue highlighting with hover description.
  • Replacement suggestions.
  • Checks plaintext and markdown.
  • Support over than 20 languages according to which language support extensions are installed.


Java 8+ is required.

Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:


LanguageTool for Visual Studio code has adopted the versioning of its LanguageTool dependency. For example, if this extension has version 3.8.0 it is powered by LanguageTool 3.8. vscode-languagetool 3.8.1, would also use LanguageTool 3.8. vscode-languagetool 3.9.0 would use LanguageTool 3.9. The LanguageTool version of this extension must match the LanguageTool version of your installed language support extensions.


Contributions welcome!
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Known Issues

Please report issues or submit pull requests on GitHub.