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These are mostly the tags of the Penn Treebank tagset as used by LanguageTool,
with examples. See "new tag" for tags introduced by LanguageTool.
For more details, also see
CC Coordinating conjunction: and, or, either, if, as, since, once, neither, less
CD Cardinal number: one, two, twenty-four
DT Determiner: an, an, all, many, much, any, some, this
EX Existential there: there (no other words)
FW Foreign word: infinitum, ipso
IN Preposition/subordinate conjunction: except, inside, across, on, through, beyond, with, without
JJ Adjective: beautiful, large, inspectable
JJR Adjective, comparative: larger, quicker
JJS Adjective, superlative: largest, quickest
LS List item marker: not used by LanguageTool
MD Modal: should, can, need, must, will, would
NN Noun, singular or mass: bicycle, earthquake, zipper
NNS Noun, plural: bicycles, earthquakes, zippers
NN:U Nouns that are always uncountable #new tag - deviation from Penn, examples: admiration, Afrikaans
NN:UN Nouns that might be used in the plural form and with an indefinite article, depending on their meaning #new tag - deviation from Penn, examples: establishment, wax, afternoon
NNP Proper noun, singular: Denver, DORAN, Alexandra
NNPS Proper noun, plural: Buddhists, Englishmen
PDT Predeterminer: all, sure, such, this, many, half, both, quite
POS Possessive ending: s (as in: Peter's)
PRP Personal pronoun: everyone, I, he, it, myself
PRP$ Possessive pronoun: its, our, their, mine, my, her, his, your
RB Adverb and negation: easily, sunnily, suddenly, specifically, not
RBR Adverb, comparative: better, faster, quicker
RBS Adverb, superlative: best, fastest, quickest
RP Particle: in, into, at, off, over, by, for, under
SYM Symbol: not used by LanguageTool
TO to: to (no other words)
UH Interjection: aargh, ahem, attention, congrats, help
VB Verb, base form: eat, jump, believe, be, have
VBD Verb, past tense: ate, jumped, believed
VBG Verb, gerund/present participle: eating, jumping, believing
VBN Verb, past participle: eaten, jumped, believed
VBP Verb, non-3rd ps. sing. present: eat, jump, believe, am (as in 'I am'), are
VBZ Verb, 3rd ps. sing. present: eats, jumps, believes, is, has
WDT wh-determiner: that, whatever, what, whichever, which (no other words)
WP wh-pronoun: that, whatever, what, whatsoever, whosoever, who, whom, whoever, whomever, which (no other words)
WP$ Possessive wh-pronoun: whose (no other words)
WRB wh-adverb: however, how, wherever, where, when, why
`` Left open double quote
, Comma
'' Right close double quote
. Sentence-final punctuation (in LanguageTool, use SENT_END instead)
: Colon, semi-colon
$ Dollar sign
# Pound sign