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[en] Improve DT_VB_NN_SENTEND

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MikeUnwalla committed Feb 8, 2019
1 parent a890b18 commit 3bd3ad64260745f387330901f8b5d0ef864eea04
@@ -1815,9 +1815,10 @@
<token postag="NN(:UN?)?" postag_regexp="yes"/>
<token postag="SENT_END"/>
<token postag="SENT_END" regexp="yes">[\.\?!]</token>
<disambig action="filter" postag="NN.*"/>
<example type="untouched">[No full stop at the end of the sentence] … to gain a much better understanding</example>

<rule name="verb + pronoun + inconsistent verb > noun" id="VB_PRP_NN">

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