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[pt] Added 1 rule:

1) sem dar nas vistas -> discretamente
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marcoagpinto committed Aug 1, 2019
1 parent fa44e57 commit 5781b2da5b4a5e93c1560d1cbad34e98dfe86c47
@@ -6537,6 +6537,20 @@ title="Easy editing stylesheet" ?>
<message>Substitua por <suggestion>rio-me</suggestion>.</message>
<example correction="rio-me">Eu <marker>riu-me</marker> das tuas piadas.</example>

<rule id='SEM_DAR_NAS_VISTAS' name="discretamente">
<!-- Created by Marco A.G.Pinto, Portuguese rule -->
<token inflected='yes'>dar</token>
<token min="0">muito</token>
<message>Melhore a redação.</message>
<example correction="discretamente">Limpa o chão <marker>sem dar nas vistas</marker>.</example>

<rule id='SERVIR_A_FAZER' name="Servir para fazer">
<!-- Created by Marco A.G.Pinto, Portuguese rule -->

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