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[en] Improve A_LOT_OF_NN

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MikeUnwalla committed Sep 4, 2019
1 parent abfbb29 commit 97693fa586ef79d6f0213f191640abf189bb5631
<token regexp="yes">lot|bunch</token>
<token postag="NNP?" postag_regexp="yes"></token>
<token postag="NNP?" postag_regexp="yes"/>
<token postag="VBG"/>
<antipattern><!-- a lot of CPU power -->
<token chunk="B-NP-singular" postag="NNP?" postag_regexp="yes"/>
<token chunk="E-NP-singular" postag="NN(:UN?)?" postag_regexp="yes"/>
<example correction="a lot of cars">I have <marker>a lot of car</marker>.</example>
<example>I have <marker>a lot of wine</marker>.</example>
<example>I did <marker>a lot of rat</marker> killing.</example>
<example>It steals a lot of <marker>CPU power</marker> just like Facebook...</example><!-- -->
<example type="triggers_error">A lack of vowel marking (often with ambiguity between no vowel an...</example>
<rule id="LOTS_OF_NN" name="Possible agreement error: 'lots/plenty of' + singular countable noun">

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