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Simple Python script to conveniently organise files in folders by date (./YYYYMM/)
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This little dumb python script organises a bunch of photos and videos into folders with the format ./YYYYMM. It scans the files and tries to work out the creation date from:

  • The file name (with or without prefixes)
  • The EXIF data (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP, DNG)
  • RAW file data (RW2, CR2)
  • The file system metadata

If the script can't work out the date, then it copies the file to an ./undated folder.


Just install the dependencies:

$  pip install -r requirements.txt


mediaorganiser -d DIR

The date folders will be created in the given directory. The script is not recursive, only the files directly into the given directory will be treated.

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