Bootstrap Theme for SilverStripe CMS
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Twitter Bootstrap Theme for SilverStripe CMS

Twitter Bootstrap is a clean responsive theme that will resize to fit smaller device profiles automatically.

This theme also includes the Basic Marketing site demonstrated on Bootstrap Examples with a Hero unit as well as the Sidebar from the Fluid Layout sample.

To use the Hero unit,

  1. Copy HeroPage.php and FeaturePage.php from boostrap/code/ to mysite/code/

  2. Go to /dev/build?flush=all

  3. Go to /admin and create a Hero Page.

  4. The Page Name of the Hero page will be the large call to action, and the content will appear in the sub-head.

  5. Below the Hero page, add Feature Pages.

  6. Fill in the excerpt section of the Feature Pages to have them appear in the main Hero page.

  7. If you want this to be the home page, go to the Hero Page, click on the Metadata tab, and change the URL to /home