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Releases: lanl/sequedex-core


19 Dec 23:31
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v2.r20190326 Pre-release

This is Sequedex version 2.1.1, build 20181211. Los Alamos National Laboratory Codes ID is C18101. Quick start instructions for installing and running Sequedex are available as a pdf file (SequedexQuickStart.pdf) or Word document (SequedexQuickStart.docx) in the doc directory.

For more information on Sequedex, visit
Online documentation can be found at
It should be noted that documentation was originally written for Sequedex Version 1. Update for Version 2 is currently in process. However, a lot of the content is still relevant.

To install and run an executable directory for Sequedex, download either sequedex.tgz or To build Sequedex, download either Source Code.tar.gz or Source plus optionally sequedex.tgz or (see README_BUILD.txt in Source Code) for data modules and Java dependencies. Additional data modules may be downloaded from