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Swoole Adapter For Codeigniter Framework
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Codeigniter Swoole Adapter

You want long-run task? timers? FPM to CLI? Code reusing in both FPM & CLI mode?

"It's so easy!"

This adapter would make it so easy to using swoole within Codeigniter framework.

With this adapter, you can start a task(CLI) any where(FPM) you want from your code.

That's means you can start a CLI task from a FPM process.


composer require lanlin/codeigniter-swoole

How to

  1. first, of course you must install codeigniter-swoole to your codeigniter project.
  2. (this step is option) copy these two config files swoole.php and timers.php from src/Helper to your application/config folder.
  3. start swoole server php index.php swoole/server/start
  4. you can use \CiSwoole\Core\Client::send($data) to start a task now!
  5. there's no step 5.

What is a task?

A task is just a method of your codeigniter controlloer, so almost any controller method can be used as a task.

Let's see the code

    'route'  => 'your/route/uri/to/a/method'
    'params' => ['test' => 666]

The route is used for find which method to be call as a task, and params is the parameters array that you may want to pass to the task.

So, that's all of it!

Server CLI Commands

// start the swoole server
php index.php swoole/server/start

// stop the swoole server
php index.php swoole/server/stop

// reload all wokers of swoole server
php index.php swoole/server/reload

A little more

The step 2 copied files were config files for this adapter.

swoole.php file can set host, port, log file and so on.

timers.php file can set some timer methods for swoole server, these timers will be started once the server inited.

You can copy tests/application to your application for testing. The demos are same as below shows.

class Test extends CI_Controller

    // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     * here's the task 'tests/test/task'
    public function task()
        $data = $this->input->post();     // as you see, params worked like normally post data

        log_message('info', var_export($data, true));

    // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     * here's the timer method
     * you should copay timers.php to your config folder,
     * then add $timers['tests/test/task_timer'] = 10000; and start the swoole server.
     * this method would be called every 10 seconds per time.
    public function task_timer()
        log_message('info', 'timer works!');

    // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     * send data to task
    public function send()
                'route'  => 'tests/test/task',
                'params' => ['hope' => 'it works!'],
        catch (\Exception $e)
            log_message('error', $e->getMessage());
            log_message('error', $e->getTraceAsString());

    // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------



This project is licensed under the MIT license.


codeigniter-swoole 的主要应用场景

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