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The following individuals have contributed to this project
Antonio Cavedoni - For the GraphViz stuff (
Ludvig Ericson (toxic)
Collin Grady (magus)
Rob Hudson (robhudson)
Jannis Leidel (leidel)
Brian Rosner (brosner)
Michael Trier (empty)
Doug Napoleone (dougn)
Bas van Oostveen (trbs)
David Krauth (dakrauth)
Will Larson (lethain) - For syntax_color template filters.
Patrick Altman (paltman) - Patched sync_media_s3
Chris Beaven (smileychris) - widont filter
qMax - various graph_model patches
Tyson Clugg (tclugg) - Patched sqldiff
Domen Kožar (iElectric) - staticfiles patch improvement
quinox - original staticfiles patch
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