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This repository has been archived by the owner on Mar 19, 2023. It is now read-only.


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This site is considered deprecated and no longer collecting data on the gatsby github repo. See the following blogpost for info: VSCode Issue Tracker Post Mortem

Gatsby GitHub Stats


Note: As of May 9, 2021 I am stopping the crawling for this dataset and will eventually take down the website. Feel free to fork this repo if you wish to continue.

A website that tracks the last two weeks of statistics about the gatsbyjs/gatsby repo.

This is an unnofficial project and not maintained by the Gatsby Core Team.


The site is a Gatsby site at it's core. It uses a JSON file generated by a GitHub Action as the data source and then passes said data into a variety of charts using the Recharts chart library.

The inner workings of the site is powered by gatsby-theme-github-stats.

To work with the site locally in a development mode:

  1. Clone down the repo: git clone
  2. Install the dependencies: yarn install
  3. Run Gatsby in development mode: yarn develop


There are two actions that continually update the site. They are both found in the .github/actions/ directory of this repository.

Github Poller

First off is an action that queries the GitHub V4 GraphQL API for various stats like the number of open / closed issues, PRs, etc. and then sends the stats to a NoSQL database on Google's Firebase platform.

Stats Loader

The other action then queries the Firebase database to grab the last 336 entries which equates to the last 2 weeks of data. It then prints it out to a data.json file in the src/data/ directory and then commits it to the repository. This triggers a deploy to Netlify for the site to be rebuilt.


Stats Dashboard for the Gatsby GitHub repo







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