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Currently, building this software is quite a pain and if you want some users you should try to fix those. Why does it require 3 other repos that are not connected using submodules? You should add those as submodules. Also, add some build instructions.

I think this could be a nice project. :)



I am aware of the problem. I have been playing with glc with the goal to be able to pipe the stream to ffmpeg. I'm currently finalizing the work on the last commit before an official release. The situation should be much better then. It is going to happen in the next couple of days...


Alright thanks. Perhaps you should try to establish yourself as the maintained glc fork as the original software hasn't seen good maintenance at all.

I'm just curious, did you add support for floating point audio in this fork?



Hey, I finally replace you. You are the ArchLinux nvidia package maintainer. I saw you fix the CUDA/OpenCL bug filed against recent driver release!

thank you for the advice. I will try to do that but ultimately it is the users that will decide if they prefer the original or the fork.

I have 2 PKGBUILD files in the pipe that I will submit to AUR as soon as I am ready for initial release.

For your other question. No I haven't. I have done a lot of refactoring to increase code robustness around ALSA code but adding float audio isn't something that I have tackled with.

However, the more I play with my piping code, the less I use the alsa capture feature of glcs. I haven't found anything that couldn't be done directly with ALSA. To capture sound output of an application, I now do use ALSA loopback driver:

Here is a thread where I have discussed the technic and debugged a very complex setup inside out:

Where I downmixed/downsampled a 7.1 192 kHz 24 bits audio to stereo 48kHz 16 bits audio.

If you remove the crazy params mismatch, it should be pretty straigthforward to do.


Alright sounds good. Please notify me using this bug report when you are ready for release. Also, I think the alsa loopback solution is too complex for casual use. Rarely will a user want to fiddle with their asoundrc. It's a tedious config that's been designed to be non-intuitive. I would like to ask you to implement float support to support the whole variety of games. There is a glc branch that implements partial floating sound support.

@lano1106 lano1106 added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 11, 2014
@lano1106 Clean up #1
Optimize branches and some other minor enhancements

Created a build instruction file BUILD pointing to AUR packages and added 2 shell scripts doing most of the build/install for people not using Arch.

For the floating-point support suggestion, that is not something that I would personally use but since I do not think that it would necessitate a lot of changes, you can open a new distinct issue to keep track for this suggestion.

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