A HID badge collector/replayer
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A HID ID badge collector

This is a battery powered self contained HID badge collector. It it meant to sit attached to a wall next to a door and collect scanned badge codes to be replayed at a later date. As a bonus collected badge codes are transmitted over FM 103.3 in hex using espeak.

Badgy Front

Badgy Back

More information can be found on my Blog.

Demo Video

Demo Video


  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • ICLASS HID Reader
  • USB Battery Pack
  • Wire for FM radio transmitter

Badgy Inside


The arduino folder contains sketches to have an Arduino or Teensy emulate a badge reader to send collected badge codes to the badge receiver using the Wiegand protocol. The folder also contains 2 programs that can allow an Arduino to interface with the HID badge reader to read badges in place of a Pi.