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A Content Management System designed especially for the needs of LAN-Parties
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LANSuite · Build Status PRs Welcome

LANSuite is a Content Management System designed primarily for the needs of LAN-Parties

German version of this README can be found at

LANSuite has features like ...

  • Registration for parties Announce a new LAN-Party and enable people to sign up with a direct payment flow and several follow up actions like Clan creation and more.
  • Seat plans Define a seating plan with several rooms and areas and let LAN Party attendees choose their seat in advance. This enables clans to sit together to facilitate better team play.
  • Organisation of tournaments Manage tournaments for multiple games with different modes like single- and double-elimination, league or group games with KO strategy.
  • Projector support Show the latest content like news messages, the current state of a tournament or a timetable at a wall via the projector mode during the party to inform attendees.
  • Cash- and Money management Manage the cash flow of your organization team and don't lose the overview.
  • News system Announce updates and inform all party guests about the latest news with a simple to use news system.
  • and many more ... Other features like a picture gallery, a hall of fame and more are included. Give LANSuite a try, install and test it.

Getting started

See our documentation on There you will find information on how to install it, what the requirements are, how to configure the system and more.

If you still struggle with getting started, feel free to open an issue and tell us your challenge. With such feedback, we can help you and improve the documentation.

Call out for users

Are you using LANSuite? If yes, let us know in Who is using LANSuite? #312.


Every helping hand is welcomed. You don't need to be able to write source code. Actions like ...

  • Improve the documentation
  • Fixing typos
  • Translating texts into another language
  • Welcome newcomers
  • Helping out with support in the issue tracker
  • Talking about LANSuite at events like meetups or LANParties
  • And similar activities

are also highly valuable. So feel free, get started and help us to build a better community and system.

Contributing Guide

Read our contributing guide to learn about our development process, how to propose bugfixes and improvements, and how to build and test your changes to LanSuite.

Beginner Friendly Bugs

To help you get your feet wet and get you familiar with our contribution process, we have a list of beginner friendly bugs that contain bugs which are fairly easy to fix. This is a great place to get started.


The best way to get in contact with us is via GitHub Issues. Over this way, it is transparent to the community, and all team members and contributors are informed and have the chance to respond.


LanSuite is GPL v2 licensed.

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