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Lantana Stylesheets

This is a repository to store any stylesheets developed and released by Lantana.

CDA Stylesheet


This folder contains the Lantana CDA stylesheet, an open-source renderer for CDA documents. The stylesheet transforms the XML of a CDA document into a webpage that can be viewed in a browser or other XSLT-compatible application.

Some Features

  • Adapt to any device, including paper (responsive)
  • Drag and drop re-ordering of sections from the Table of Contents
  • Indicate context by highlighting current section while navigating
  • Map common header identifiers to human readable display text (mostly US)
  • Logical grouping, revamped color palette, clearer text

Overview of Files

Development Files

Stylesheet Files

The stylesheet files are separated to make maintenance and development easier. They are combined into distribution files for packaging and using in production.

./cda.xsl                   The main transformation, depends on cda-style.xsl and cda-js-dependencies.xsl
./cda-style.xsl             Contains CSS and custom Javascript
./cda-js-dependencies.xsl   Contains Fixed Libraries. Referenced for offline viewing

Build Files

The build files are used to combine the development stylesheet files into the distribution files

./build.xml                 An ANT file that when executed combines the files and outputs the two distribution files
./compile.xsl               A transformation which performs the actual combination of the xsl files. 

Distribution Files

./dist/cda.xsl              All development files compiled into a single file. Useful for standalone offline rendering.
./dist/cda-web.xsl          All development files compiled into a single file with web references to the fixed libraries. Useful for rendering while connected to the internet.


No installation necessary. It is recommended to use the distribution files because it's easier to work with a single standalone file vs. multiple referenced files.


Simply reference the stylesheet in the XML file and open the XML file in Internet Explorer (Edge or older IE). To use the navigation features, select "Allow blocked content"

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="./cda.xsl"?>

Alternatively use an XSLT transformation engine and save the output as an HTML document. The resulting document in your browser of choice. The output is confirmed to work on Chrome, Internet Explorer (Edge or Older) and Firefox.


Open source repository for standards-based stylesheets (such as CDA and FHIR rendering stylesheets).





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