Build a Lantern Device Here with Raspberry Pi Zero W
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Minimalistic version of the enclosure for dev-kit with no soldering required (external battery source).
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The Lantern is a portable server for decentralized web applications. This repository contains all software and setup scripts required to build and adapt your own Lantern device. 3D printer files are also included for a physical device enclosure.

Run a Local Server

Our Docker container is modeled after a Raspberry Pi Zero W. This enables us to cache our software dependencies and test as much logic as possible without loading to a physical device. Before loading to a physical device, please try running in Docker in your local environment:

make && make run

The resulting server will be available at: http://localhost:8080

Setup Your Raspberry Pi Zero W

This command uses pi-maker to create the image:

make image

Download Etcher and use this to flash your image onto a MicroSD card 8GB or greater. Your image will be named "flash-to-pi.img" by default and will be located in a "build" folder.

After starting up your Lantern, you can SSH as the "admin" user with the password "wins". Next, you can view status of the services by watching these logs:

journalctl -f -u lora
journalctl -f -u http
tail -f /opt/lantern/db/db-log.txt


A local Docker environment is required to begin.

Ubuntu users should install these packages before building an image:

apt-get install binfmt-support qemu-user-static make



This repository is under active development and not yet intended for widespread use.