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#! /usr/bin/env python
Tuenti Challenge 4, Apr 2014, Challenge 9 - Bendito Caos
This problem is an instance of The Maximum Flow Problem.
We'll use Google OR-tools library in order to not reiventing the wheel:
from ortools.graph import pywrapgraph
target = "AwesomeVille"
CARS = 200 # flow of cars in 1 km/h (1000 m / 5 m)
def solve():
source = raw_input()
Sspeed, Dspeed = get_ints()
Icount, Rcount = get_ints()
max_flow = pywrapgraph.SimpleMaxFlow()
for _ in range(Rcount):
from_node, to_node, type, lanes = get_strs()
# don't need roads arriving source or leaving target
if to_node != source and from_node != target:
total_speed = int(lanes) * (Sspeed if type == "normal" else Dspeed)
vfrom = 0 if from_node == source else int(from_node)+1
vto = Rcount+1 if to_node == target else int(to_node)+1
max_flow.AddArcWithCapacity(vfrom, vto, total_speed)
max_flow.Solve(0, Rcount+1)
return "{} {}".format(source, max_flow.OptimalFlow() * CARS)
def get_strs(): return [x for x in raw_input().split()]
def get_ints(): return map(int, get_strs())
if __name__ == '__main__':
for case in range(int(raw_input())):