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Welcome to the project of translating Stockfish in assembly language!

Besides the three cpu capabilities (base, bmi2, popcnt), this project comes in two flavours

  • asmFish: trim off the cruft in official stockfish and make a lean and mean chess engine
  • pedantFish: match bench signature of official stockfish to catch search/eval bugs more easily.

The newest executables can be found in the master branch while executables from older versions are in branch "executables". The source files can be found in the asmFish folder on the master branch.

  • run fasm on asmFishW_base[_popcnt,_bmi2].asm to produce executables for windows
  • run fasm on asmFishL_base[_popcnt,_bmi2].asm to produce executables for linux For more information on this project see the asmFish/asmReadMe.txt. Run make.bat to automatically assemble the windows/linux sources for the three capabilities
    • base: should run on any 64bit x86 cpu
    • popcnt: generate popcnt instruction
    • bmi2: use instructions introduced in haswell

If you observe a crash/misbehaviour in asmFish, please raise an issue here and give me the following information:

  • name of the executable that crashed/misbehaved
  • exception code and exception offset in the case of a crash
  • a log of the commands that were sent to asmFish by your gui before the crash

Simply stating that asmFish crashed in your gui is useless information by itself. asmFish is known to have problems in the fritz15 gui, while it plays much better in the fritz11 gui. Any help with this issue would be appreciated.


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