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@lantus lantus released this Jul 15, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

More bug fixes. Thanks rsn887 and erfg12!

  • Prevent "spell not rdy" speech on exit dialog
  • Map L/R/A to char/inv/select spell, closer to PS1
  • Map B button to cancel in menu, and A to OK
  • Prevent walking with dpad while talking to people
  • Allow B button to skip intro (in addition to plus)
  • Support physical USB keyboards
  • Implement touch controls
  • Improve event code, fix touch controls pointer missing
  • Ensure touch keyboard fails gracefully without softlock
  • Swap A/B in menu so B is OK, A is cancel
  • Remove hacks that are not neccessary with new event handling
  • Use SDL_GameController for portability, make touch portable
  • Simplify controller switch statements
  • Use SDL Game Controller also for menu navigation
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