Wiremock extension to inject server into JUnit5 tests
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SourcePond and lanwen Refactored WiremockCustomizer to take a CustomizationContext as argum…
…ent (#7)

* Refactored WiremockCustomizer to take a CustomizationContext as argument
- Introduced a parameter class CustomizationContext which additionally provides ExtensionContext and ParameterContext objects. This allows to implement more sophisticated setup logic based on the execution context.
- Added WiremockCustomizer::customize(WireMockServer server, CustomizationContext ctx) as default method to keep backward compatibility.
- Made WiremockCustomizer::customize(WireMockServer server) also a default method. This is to make sure, that only the necessary "customize" method needs be implemented on a WiremockCustomizer implementation (see TicketEndpoint).
- Allow to throw an exception from WiremockCustomizer::customize
- Added Unit-Tests
- Updated dependencies and plugin versions where possible
- Bumped version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT because the interface change

* Fixed assertion

* Use NoopWiremockCustomizer to test default methods (code coverage)

* Pass correct replacement to exception message

* Simplified tests
- Use assertThrows where applicable
- Inlined Executable where necessary
- Simplified WiremockResolverUnitTest, removed tests which are already covered by integration test
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Wiremock JUnit5

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Simple extension to inject ready-to-use wiremock server to JUnit5 test

Start Guide

  1. Add dependency
  1. Create JUnit5 test:
class WiremockJUnit5Test {

    void shouldInjectWiremock(@Wiremock WireMockServer server, @WiremockUri String uri) {
        customize(server); // your setup
        SomeApiClient api = SomeApiClient.connect(uri);

        Response response = api.call();
        assertThat(response.headers(), hasSize(1));

Reuse customization

With ru.lanwen.wiremock.config.WiremockCustomizer and ru.lanwen.wiremock.config.WiremockConfigFactory you can reuse logic of initial setup.

Please look into test for example.

Compatibility with JUnit5

  • v1.0.1 -> M4
  • v1.1.0 -> RC2
  • v1.1.1 -> GA