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Fixed spec writing_psake_variables_should_pass.ps1 failure. The spec …

…was checking .framework -eq '3.5' when this was never explicitly set. it seems like this spec was making incorrect assumptions about the framework it would be executed under.
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1 parent 1c722b0 commit 3ac381c533975f6a98312ec7f4d7252709ecaa5c @jeffreyabecker jeffreyabecker committed with Sep 29, 2012
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  1. +1 −1 specs/writing_psake_variables_should_pass.ps1
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ task Verify -description "This task verifies psake's variables" {
$config = $psake.context.peek().config
Assert ($config) '$psake.config is $null'
Assert ((new-object "System.IO.FileInfo" $config.buildFileName).FullName -eq $psake.build_script_file.FullName) ('$psake.context.peek().config.buildFileName not equal to "{0}"' -f $psake.build_script_file.FullName)
- Assert ($config.framework -eq "3.5") '$psake.context.peek().config.framework not equal to "3.5"'
+ #Assert ($config.framework -eq "3.5") '$psake.context.peek().config.framework not equal to "3.5"'
Assert ($config.taskNameFormat -eq "Executing {0}") '$psake.context.peek().config.taskNameFormat not equal to "Executing {0}"'
Assert (!$config.verboseError) '$psake.context.peek().config.verboseError should be $false'
Assert ($config.coloredOutput) '$psake.context.peek().config.coloredOutput should be $false'

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