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A musical note that can be played in a browser. Plays for however long it has been defined to.
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You may import the code into an existing node.js project or import it directly into your HTML code

  • Node module import
# local install to your project
npm install --save-dev noteplayer
// import module into your js code
var np = require('noteplayer') 
  • plain JS import
<!-- minified version, not human friendly, 55kb-->
<script type="text/javascript" src="notePlayer.min.js"></script>
<!-- uncompressed version, human friendly, 416kb -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="notePlayer.js"></script>

The module is instanciated in the object np, which you can use right away



There are several ways to instanciate the class:

  • buildFromFrequency(freq,[audioContext])

Builds a notePlayer from a specific frequence. audioContext is created if not provided.

n = np.buildFromFrequency(440);     //will return a A4
n = np.buildFromFrequency(439);     //will return a A4
n = np.buildFromFrequency(460);     //will return a A#4
  • buildFromKeyNb(noteKeyNb, [audioContext])

Builds a notePlayer from a specific piano key number audioContext is created if not provided

n = np.buildFromKeyNb(49);     //will return a A4
  • buildFromName(noteName, [audioContext])

    Builds a notePlayer from a specific musical note name audioContext is created if not provided

n = np.buildFromName("A4")     //will return a A4


  • play([callback])

    Plays the note

n = np.buildFromName("A4")
o ={
  console.log("end play")

The note will be played for a given duration (random by default, or using setDuration() ). The function however returns the oscillator itself, which you can use to call for stop() should you want to stop the sound at an earlier time (courtesy of Jag)

  • Setters:
    • setAudioContext(audioContext)
    • setDestinationNode(node)
    • setDuration(duration)
    • setVolume(volume)
    • setVerbose(bool)
    • setAttack(duration)
    • setRelease(duration)
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