Fetch URLs of CloudMusic, thus you can download those music easily without paying for them. Based on C++ and Tshark.
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Wshark V2.1

How to get it?

For Windows:

cd Wshark
cd Download

For Linux

// Install libs
sudo apt-get wget
sudo apt-get tshark
sudo apt-get g++
// Compile
cd Wshark
g++ -o start.cpp && get.cpp
cd Download

What's Wshark?

A tool which makes getting URLs of CloudMusic and downloading available.

What can it do?

Simply,it can help you download music of CloudMusic for which you should pay money.

What does it depend on?

Okey,do you now why we call it Wshark?The reason is very easy,because it combines Tshark (which belongs to Wireshark) and Wget for win32.And it can run well in both 32bit and 64bit operate system.

What's new in this version?

Firstly,you can choose the interface which the Tsahrk would depend on.

Secondly,we beautify the user interface which you can enjoy your operaion more easily.

Thirdly,now you can just open "Start.exe" instead of many other bats.

How to use it?

Oh,it's very easy. First,you can open "Start.exe" with choosing the interface.Then you can set time,and play the music you want to download,only onloading would be OK.Last,the Wget would launch and you can cd into donwload and find the music.

About Author

浙江省义乌中学 罗文卿

北京第二十中学 储志华