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PSR-0 Compatibility Testsuite


The PSR-0 compatibility test suite shall help you to easily and fast verify the compatability of your project directory and namespace structure to the PSR-0 standard.


Getting the sources

The installation is pretty simple just clone the sources to your favorite directory. This might be the test directory of your project.

$> git clone git:// tests/fig-standards

Due to the architecture of the test suite there is a dependency to a DirectoryScanner (see section Dependencies). If you already installed the DirectoryScanner from the PEAR channel you just have to make sure your project does find it on demand. Otherwise change just run in the accepted/tests directory and the test suite will take care of this.

$> /bin/sh

This clones the DirectoryScanner from github so a functional internet connection is mandatory for this action. After you ran you'll find the sources in the newly created accepted/tests/vendor directory.

Setting up

Once the sources are on your machine, you now have to tell PHPunit to run the suite. Therefore an example phpunit.xml.dist file is shipped with the sources. The following list is the set of mandatory and optional settings to configure the DirectoryScanner. Modify them to meet the requirements of your project.

  • (mandatory) Psr0_ProjectRootNamespaces is a colon separates list of the root namespaces used in your project (e.g. Liip:Jns)..

  • (mandatory) Psr0_ScannerStartDir represents the absolute or relative path to your source files (e.g. ../src/).

  • (optional) Psr0_ScannerInclude is a colon separated set of patterns which directories/files are to be recognized when scanning.

  • (optional) Psr0_ScannerExclude is a colon separated set of patterns which directories/files are to be ignored when scanning. You usually want to exclude the directories containing the tests and 3rd party source probably located in a vendor directory. This combines into the string shown in the following example:


See DirectoryScanner on GitHub for further information.

To make PHPUnit aware of the PSR-0 Compataibility Testsuite you have to add the Psr0_CompatibilityTest.php to the <testsuite> section of your phpunit configuration. The example assumes that the test file is in the original location after a checkout described as above.



Since the PSR-0 compatibility tests depend on a static code analysis it is necessary to scan each file for its class and namespace name. Arne Blankerts DirectoryScanner was the perfect library for this. Kudos to him.


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