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P006 Restore Onxshop project from backup
This procedure is written for backup file created and downloaded from /backoffice/advance/ tools/backup
(available only if ./conf/deployment.php: define('ONXSHOP_PACKAGE_NAME', 'premium');)
1. unpack backup file
download to /tmp folder on the target server:
cd /tmp
wget --no-check-certificate --http-user=[USERNAME] --http-password=[PASSWORD]
tar -xf [SERVER_NAME].tar
2. move web files to virtual hosts folder
mv srv/[SERVER_NAME]/ /srv/
cd /srv/[SERVER_NAME}
3. customise deployment configuration
vi conf/deployment.php
- disable or edit ONXSHOP_MAIN_DOMAIN - customize database detail
- customize SSL setting
4. create database and import structure and data
createdb -U [USERNAME] -h dbserver -E UTF8 [DATABASE_NAME]-1_4
gunzip var/backup/latest.sql.gz
psql -U www -h dbserver [DATABASE_NAME]-1_4 < var/backup/latest.sql
gzip var/backup/latest.sql
5. set filesystem permissions
sudo chown www-data -R var/
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