Interfaces and exception classes used by LAPPS.
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Interfaces and exception classes used by the LAPPS Grid.

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The LAPPS Grid API defines a single main interface: WebService:

public interface WebService {
    String getMetadata();
    String execute(String input);

and two naming interfaces, that is, interfaces that extend WebService but do not add any methods of their own:

public interface DataSource extends WebService { }

public interface ProcessingService extends WebService { }

All LAPPS Grid services exchange Data object as JSON strings. The main difference between a DataSource and a ProcssingService is how the Data objects are interpreted in the execute method.

  • ProcessingServices accept an input document and produces an output document. The discriminator field is used to specify the format of the data in the payload.
  • DataSources provide data. The discriminator will be a URI specifying the action the DataSource is to perform. For example, the DataSource may be asked to return a single document or provide a list of ID values for all documents available from the DataSource.

For example:

DataSource source = ...
ProcessingService tokenizer = ...
Data<String> data = new Data<>("", "MASC3-0202");
// Fetch some data.
String json = source.execute(data.asJson())
// Process some data.
String response = tokenizer.execute(json)