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Python Pushover

This is a library and a commandline client to the notification service.


Import as a module

You can import pushover simply with import pushover

When initialising a PushoverCLient you may pass a path to a pushover configuration file as seen in example.pushover. The library will also look for a $HOME/.pushover but the configuration file passed in manually takes precedence.

import pushover
client = pushover.PushoverClient("/a/path/to/a/file")
    client.send_message("Some message")
except SomeError:
    ... deal with it ...

Take note that when using this as a module the message you send will not be automatically truncated to 512 characters. It is up to your application code to ensure the message passed meets the requirements or catch the pushover.PushoverMessageTooBig exception.


Just run pushover --help for help.

You'll have to at least supply a -m some_message or --message=some_message and you may supply the debug flag or an alternative configuration file.

Contrary to when this module is imported, when called on the commandline the message will be truncated to 512 characters in order to avoid those kind of errors.

Usage: pushover [options]

This module will send a message through the notification service.
It requires at least the '-m' / '--message' parameter to be passed.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Location of the Pushover config file.
  -d, --debug           Log at the DEBUG loglevel.
  -m MESSAGE, --message=MESSAGE
                        The message to send, will truncate to 512 chars.


  • Be able to pass in a configurationobject instead of a file when being imported.