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"name": "node-i18n",
"description": "i18n for node with expressJS",
"main": "./index",
"author": {
"name": "Larafale & silently"
"version": "0.1.0",
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": ""
"dependencies": {
"underscore": ">=1.3.3"
"devDependencies": {
"vows": ">=0.6.4"
"scripts": {
"test": "vows test/*.js --spec"
"readme": "node-i18n\n=========\n\ni18n for node with expressJS\n\n- key => value Style\n- Deep file structure\n- View helpers\n\n#### Start\n\n\n```\nvar i18n_options = {}\nvar i18n = require('node-i18n')(i18n_options)\n\napp.use(i18n.middleware) //call before app.use(app.router)\n```\n\n#### Options (default)\n\n```\n{\n default : 'en'\n , enabled : ['en']\n ,\t'dir' : './assets/private/i18n'\n ,\t'helper_translate'\t: '__'\n ,\t'helper_path'\t\t: '__p'\n ,\t'helper_locale'\t\t: '__l'\n}\n```\n\n`dir` is where translation files are stored. Relative to your express application file. \n`helper*` are the avaible function in Jade templates\n<br/>\n\n#### Express route\n\nlet's say you have a route `/products` where you want to implement i18n \nBefore implementing i18n your route would have look like so :\n\n```\napp.get('/products', function(req, res){\n\tres.end()\n})\n```\nAfter\n\n```\napp.get(i18n.route('products'), function(req, res){\n\tres.end()\n})\n```\nNote that the argument that `i18n.route()` takes is a `RegExp`, and we ommitted the `/` before `products` \n<br/>\nNow this route will match `/products` and `/en/products` \n<br/>\nAs `en` is set to be the default, when making a request to `/en/products` you will be redirected to `/products`\n\n#### Translation files\nEvery translation file is JSON and must end with .json \nYou can have as many files as you want for each locale. This let you seperate content. \nFor example : `en.json` `header_en.json` `footer_en.json` \n<br/>\nEach file start with the `locale` key. \nYou can now write your definition going how deep as you like in objects.\n\n```\n{ \"en\": {\n\n \"baseline\" : \"Welcome to my site\"\n\n , \"header\": {\n \"menu\": {\n\t \"h1\" : \"Hello {{name}} !\"\n\t\t , \"h2\" : \"What's up\"\n\t }\n }\n \n , \"footer\": {\n \"who\": \"Who are we ?\"\n }\n \n}}\n```\n\nTo make a dynamic definition, put the key of the object you are going to pass later on between double brackets `{{name}}`\n\n#### Jade template\n\n```\np= __('baseline')\np Current locale is #{__l}\n\ndiv.header\n h1= __('', { name: 'Batman' })\n h2= __('')\n \ndiv.footer\n a(href=\"#{__p('/contact')}\")= __('footer.who')\n```\n\n`__l` return current locale \n`__p('/contact')` return given path prefixed with locale\n\n<br/><br/>\n## Tests\n\n\n`npm test`",
"_id": "node-i18n@0.0.16",
"dist": {
"shasum": "526317688083a909f788cc40558a9aa851d92a4e"
"_from": "node-i18n@0.0.16"