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Nuvolaplayer PKGBUILDS for arch
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Arch PKGBUILDS for Nuvolaplayer

In this repo are PKGBUILDS of the latest (2017-09-21) NuvolaPlayer Runtimes/libs/Apps

Download the pkgbuilds

Required for the runtime Diorite

Required for apps Nuvolasdk

I suggest installing the above first. They are located in the libs folder

Then install the runtime in the runtime folder

Then install applications that you desire. All packages build. But i only verify youtube and google play music

Update Frequency

I have setup build scripts that run every friday starting at 3AM MST/MDT. any updates should show by Friday MST/MDT 6-7AM

I will be posting these scripts soon (they are very static in nature)

I will also be looking into creating a REPO for distrubiting built packages in the future in my free time (I have this installed on 4 devices so for me a compile once and install quad would be awesome)

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