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Lara's CV

This is my CV, built using Larva and some workarounds.

To run it:

npm install
npm run larva

Once the server is running, navigate to http://localhost:3000/project/templates/cv

And to build and deploy it (make sure the larva server is running in another shell with npm run larva):

npm run deploy

Things to note:

  • Custom CSS and design tokens are added in base.html.
  • Data for the CV is in data.json in src/patterns/templates/cv.
  • base.html and pattern.html are overridden to remove the pattern library UI.


To add a new variation, in src/patterns/templates/cv, create a new variant file e.g. cv.{variant_name}.js and extend the base CV data by requiring cv.prototype.js and overwriting data properties on that object for that variant.

Next, copy lines 15-20 in and replace job with the name of the new variant.

Future improvements

While working on this, I had some ideas about how to use Larva for more generic purposes such as a single page deployment with data separated from the markup. Those ideas are written haphazardly in notes.txt. Here are some other improvements for this repo:

  • Exit deploy script if server is not running, or start it in the background, example here.
  • Iterate through an array of variants in


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