PHP and SCSS style tiles for the DiJiFi site redesign.
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#Hi! This is boilerplate for wireframing created by me, Lara! Maybe you will like it too. I have this kind of linear development process where I start with a blank project for HTML wireframing, nail that down, do some style tiles, start adding styles, throw in a CMS (not that it's ever that straightforward) and it becomes the actual website. That's the gist at least.

##Tools used:

  • Sass
  • Grunt
  • Bower (nothing is installed but it's there if you want it!)
  • SVG sprites (not working at the moment)
  • Jeet for grids
  • Breakpoint Slicer for, um, breakpoints
  • Normalize
  • Probably some other stuff

##A little about the PHP stuff:

In order to keep the index and other page templates as clean as possible, I made a PHP variable to conditionally echo the wrapper tag if you want it (e.g. you might only want it on select main content if you are doing full width pics and stuff.)


  • Make some issues instead of this todos list
  • Maybe make a gemfile because there are some dependencies